I Envy Your Tomatoes Vol. 76

I saw this Petworth couple planting this garden a couple of months ago. They told me to come back and I wouldn’t be sorry. Well played. Well played.

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  • This an excellent raised bed garden that’s rodent and bird proof as well.

    Serious Petworth urban gardeners.

    Worthy Summer post.

  • Whatsup with people growing tomatoes everywhere this summer?

    New yuppie in thing to do?

  • Nice creepy-dude line. I will try this out next time I hit the pubs.
    “excuse me……. i, uh…….. ENVY your tomatoes.”

  • Those tomatoes are diseased…looks like a bacterial wilt. Notice the leaves are all brown and dropping.

    Not too envious of those. If they don’t pull them out, put the plants in a plastic bag and throw them away, it will spread to other gardens.

    • The brown, dropping leaves could also just be a sign the plants are stressed. 100 degree temperatures, 4 weeks without rain and trying to provide nutrients and water to a bumper crop of fruit will do that to a plant.

  • Better than my tomato plants. My guys don’t have any fruit on them yet…Maybe in October.. I suck.

  • Meadow Farms out at 7 Corners was SOLD OUT of tomato plants, argh! Too late to the game this year, I guess I’ll prep the beds and build a glass box to get a head start on next year’s seedlings.

  • We got some of the saddest little Charlie Brown tree tomato plants for half price at the Takoma Park co-op last week. Put them in the ground and they are really taking off. Maybe they still have a few for sale…

  • as the party responsible for the above noted tomatoes, i can’t help but comment:

    1) first and foremost, thanks PoP. that was way the hell more work than I was expecting it would be.

    2) the tomatoes are the victim of overwatering, both by inadvertent design flaw and an unfortunate “incident”. this was my first stab at an urban garden (after having one every summer growing up in the Midwest) and so it’s been a bit of trial and error. being able to relocate them to a different spot in the garden (away from where the water feeds in) will help next year, as will getting them in the ground a bit earlier than i did this spring. you learn as you go…

    3) the dirt in the raised bed came from a MD topsoil company, and was mixed in with an inch of peat moss every 4″. way better stuff than what I had to work with underneath.

    4) fun fact: until it exploded with last week’s rain, the garden was fed by a water barrel connected to my roof. not entirely sure what happened with that, but when it was working I was able to get about a week’s worth of watering out of a full barrel (70 gal).

    I can’t wait until the squash start coming in. way yummier than tomatoes in my opinion.


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