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  • It’s a mesh bag of Niger seeds, which are about the size of freshly ground pepper, used to attract finches. The seeds are small enough for the birds to pull them out of the mesh without spilling all over the place.

  • There’s some spillage but not alot.

  • Actually, the bag could be filled with thistle seeds…

    The mesh bag works well for Finches for a number of reasons: Niger seeds or Thistle seeds don’t spill too much, and the squirrels can’t get to the food.

    These are great for trying to attract Finches because they love them!

  • It’s called a finch sock, which sounds kind of dirty for some reason.

    Help, Stevie Wonder has been Captcha’ed: “Shoo be” (doo da day)!

  • any particular reason one would want to attract Finches?

  • It’s a finch pinata!

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