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  • ah

    That’s awesome!

  • The watermelon was recently tagged with graffiti and I was so impressed at how quickly they re-painted the watermelon.

  • That’s my house! This month marks the three-year anniversary that we painted it. It began as an accident…we painted the ENTIRE house that watermelon pink, never realizing it would look like a box of pepto bismol. we had a watermelon mural on a kitchen wall of a house in albuquerque, and, when we realized that that horrible “pepto” color was actually the watermelon color, we were inspired to add the rind and the seeds and voila. Glad you still enjoy it, I know I do. 🙂

  • I love that the owner responded! (Hi RobB!)

  • And I hear that the CUTEST dog lives in that watermelon.

  • I live nearby and had my photo taken in front of the mural the night before I had my son. Watermelon belly against watermelon house!

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