Good Deal or Not? “Space abounds” edition

This home is located at 703 Quincy St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Space abounds in this 4 level renovated townhome – minor TLC needed to restore this townhome to the Renovated state it enjoyed just a few years ago – 2 decks one on the first level and one off the upstairs bedroom – each bedroom has it’s own bath – open first floor level plus loads of sunlight too! Just a short distance form the Petworth Metro. Take advantage of this great value!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

Is there enough space to warrant the asking price of $549,000?

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  • I almost fell off my chair when I saw the picture of Petworth’s Smelly/Sketchy Safeway listed as an “amenity”. ahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha

  • The place looks nice. Its not four floors… but whatever, its a real estate agent doing the description.

    $550,000 seems high – but I’ve been amazed at some of the recent selling prices of some nice houses in marginal areas. It has become more and more common for a nice reno to get over $500k in Petworth, B’dale, Ledroit, Eckington, H Street, etc.

    I wouldnt pay that much – but then again, I would buy a place that needs work so that the renovations are my tastes, not generic builder tastes… thats just me.

    I assume this place will go for $490-$560

  • I think the price is high; I disagree that “more and more” sell for “over $500k”. I am interested in seeing the June sales figures that Mr. Wood provides. The lot is nice and the proximity to the Metro is really nice. The exterior could use a little more help.

    I’m going to say “not” but we’ll see how long it sits on the market. I’d say like $450k.

  • I would say the listing isn’t getting any favors from the agent or current renters…I am a minor skeptic about staging, but the pictures don’t really generate a favorable impression. How about a box spring in the backyard? Does your photo have enough joint compound buckets in it? And is the orange paint loud, or does it not quite go all the way to ’11’?

    Probably shows better in real life.

    • second that. seriously – would it have been that hard for whoever took the photos to just move the piled up clothes for a few minutes? or rearrange the joint compound buckets temporarily to be out of the shot?

  • “Minor TLC” is code for “Expect to pump at least another $50K into this place after purchase.” No thanks.

  • I love the street but I think it could be a tad high. They could probably get it if, as other commenters has mentioned, they had put an ounce of thought in to the listing. Clean up the front yard, etc.

  • Is it my imagination, but, is the refrigerator projecting beyond the wall it is against?

  • SHORT SALE. Good luck on getting that price.

  • I’m with people on all the comments about the joint compound buckets and stuff lying around. The short sale would take another $100K off the price easily. I see someone bought this house for $620K in 2005. My guess is that it will sell for about $440K if they are lucky.

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