Good Deal or Not? Sherman Circle edition

This home is located at 4618 Kansas Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“Located on serene park near Sherman Circle. Gorgeous sunlit 3 lvl/3 bed/2 bth porch frnt federal Hardwoods thru-out, French doors, cac w/ radiator heat; a 2 lvl addition serves as a sunroom, brkfst room/ den. Custom blinds, light fixtures, rear deck, garage and lots of street parking. Only mins. to dwntwn, a 5 min walk to metro! Sold as is. Seller Closing Asst. Avail.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

I often rave about how much I love Grant Circle, but I sometimes forget how pleasant nearby Sherman Circle is. What do you guys think of the photos of this home? Does $398,900 sound reasonable?

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  • At least nobody can call this a Home Depot flip job. But somebody probably will anyhow….

  • I love this place. I’d say it’s priced just right. I bet there are some pretty peaceful window views upstairs

  • Like it… except there is a bed in the master bath– which seems like an odd choice. Other than that, priced right.

  • 5 min walk to metro? which one exactly?

  • Sherman Circle PWNS Grant Circle. There’s much less traffic and a good deal more green space.

  • The house has central A/C and is at Sherman circle. That alone makes it worat least $350k. House appears to be in good condition, so the asking price is pretty fair. I am big on curb appeal though and this particular style does not do anything for me. BTW, theres no way thats a 5 minute walk to the metro.

  • Looks great. Why the “Sold as is” business, though?

  • nope not a flip. And as such. it is way more welcoming and homey. I quite like it. The location is a neat one on the circle with the long front yard that will make for a great garden some day. I do like Sherm Circle over grant circle of course but you do run the rish buying there that traffic will someday increase on Kansas Ave and the circle. That could turn your serene front yard setting into one filled with a lot of honking pretty quickly.

  • this is a seriously sketchy area! seriously….

  • Sherman Circle is so much better than Grant Circle. People walk through Grant Circle; every morning and evening, families come to Sherman Circle and play in the grass.

  • Good deal. “Sold as is” might just mean there’s no warranty or they aren’t going to nickel and dime over a leaky faucet or something, but I agree it’s odd, that usually means it’s a fixer upper. This one looks fine.

    400K for a house that looks pretty well-kept and has original details is a good deal. Tear up those carpets upstairs, refinish the floors, and do a cosmetic kitchen update, and for under 10 grand more you’ve got a beauty.

  • This looks like it is in much better condition than many as-is offers in the neighborhood. The kitchen and bath are probably out of date but liveable. I wonder, are those solid wood cabinets? Imagine the monster garden you could put out front. Good deal.

  • Oh the power probably needs updating… surface mounted electric in the kitchen is not a good indicator. But whatever, that’s why it’s cheap, you pay another $100K for a house that has all the updates, or do them yourself for a fraction of that. I will always choose the latter…

    • Amen. This one looks like it’s a much better deal than 95% of the “fully renovated” offerings.

      I’d rather have that bowling alley out back, not in front, but whatever! I think this is a much more sensible deal than I’ve seen in a while.

  • Oh please please let them sell this place for $398K, we need some good movement up Sherman Circle way.

  • I think it looks good – you would want to make some updates, but looks like it is in good condition. I think the price may be a bit on the high side, but I think it will sell for something close, maybe $370K to $380K.

    Sherman Circle is a great area. It’s a bit further from the metro than would be ideal, but at 0.8 miles still manageable. The area isn’t sketchy at all…if anything maybe more sleepy and quiet than a lot of people would like. It’s a short 3 blocks to Fusion, Moroni Bros and other new businesses on Georgia so does have some walkable amenities.

  • bfinpetworth

    The condition of electric and plumbing would be my only concer – yes, you can have it done but it is a PITA to live in a house that needs this work and afterward, you have lots of holes in walls that need to be patched, which means more mess and such. And it will cost 20k or more. So now the house is 420k and getting into the range of fully renovated. Now, granted it is charming and doesn’t have the flip look, but it also is a little tired looking and will need floors redone, kitchen and bathrooms updated – add another 30-40k. So now you’re up to 450-470k. So you’re paying a lot of money and dealing with some major headaches if you have to live in the house during the whole process. Of course, if you’re comfortable living in an old house with old electrical, plumbing and cosmetically tired, then I think it is a good value. Just be realistic about what it will take if you want to turn it into a safe, well-functioning, beautiful house.

    The nice thing for someone willing to do that is that the end product will be totally according to your own taste – not some home flipper. Its a tradeoff that may be worth it for the right person.

  • Been in there. It is aweful inside. no upgrades, things falling apart. Good luck to whoever buys. Like the first commenter says hope you have a Home Depot discount.

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