Good Deal or Not? Oozing Space edition

This condo is located at 1731 1st St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Larger than most row houses, this unit oozes space, style and luxury from every square foot. Three large bedrooms, 3 baths and a den complement a huge luxury kitchen, and an enviable location near Metro, Big Bear and Windows cafes, and easy access to all DC neighborhoods. This condo is not yet registered with D. C. ; owner can accept only reservation agreements at this time.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

What do you think of the reno itself? Unit #2 has gone under contract and was listed at $495,000. Should there be any concern that the condo is not yet registered? Unit #1 is going for $459,900, sound realistic?

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  • Wait, I’m confused…according to the local ANC, Big Bear is an illegal nuisance property. Why on earth would a Realtor include proximity to Big Bear in a listing as if it’s a positive thing? I mean, my god, don’t they know Big Bear might wind up selling beer and wine?


    • ding ding ding. that ANC doesn’t want local property values to rise.

      cool place. i want unit 2.

    • Between the a-holes in the ANC and the nauseatingly annoying yupsters, why would anybody want to live in that area? Zero sum.

  • I’m not familiar with the condo reservation stuff. What does the unit’s lack of condo reservation mean for a potential owner?

  • French doors with ground level access and no security gate in stabby Bloomingdale? lol, no thanks. and half the unit underground?

    unit 2 is pretty sweet, though.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Calling Bloomingdale “stabby” is unnecessarily provocative.

      • perhaps so, apologies.

        there is a point to be made, though. if you compare the crime maps for this location and somewhere like grant circle, you have about double the crime here. i wouldn’t necessarily feel unsafe living at this location, but i would want a substantial door between my bedroom and the outside.

        • Walk around the neighborhood before you start judging it. People that choose to live in bloomingdale will tell you that it is not unsafe and the amenities within walking distance are FAR better than those in grant circle. The crime stats for centreville virginia are significantly less than those in Grant Circle– perhaps you should move there if crime is your only concern.

          • I don’t know much about Bloomingdale, but jeez, the defenders of Bloomingdale get really animated over the merest of perceived sleights. On a post a couple of days ago, some people badmouthed an area just two blocks from my house. My perception of that area is different than their’s, but I didn’t feel compelled to correct them, much less tell them to move to a rural area.

            By the way, I kind of like the word “stabby.” We can use a variation of it to refer to many areas. Shooty, crimey, syringy, thefty, muggy, etc…

          • @caballero: Seriously! From reading blogs like this one, I get the impression that Bloomingdale is full of insufferable tools who are experts at nothing more than complaining!

        • This fight has been fought ad naseum. Bloomingdale is not “stabby” – and the constant chip on the shoulder from the petworthians is getting irritating. Undeniably, there are areas of petworth that are LESS safe “by the numbers” than areas of Bloomingdale. The inverse is also true.

          Though, I think this set up is just asking for trouble, even in Chevy Chase.

          Hell, even if I lived out in the middle of Montana, I’d want something a bit more sturdy than french doors keeping the wolves out.

  • I walked by this place yesterday (on my way to the coffeehouse-who-must-not-be-named) – very spiffy.

    I think what they mean by the lack of registration is that the property does not yet have a certificate of occupancy. I went under contract on a condo in an unregistered building last November and waited to close until the C of O was issued (it took about 5 1/2 months). Not a good idea if you want to move quickly, but if you’re a first-time buyer who’s waiting out the last several months of a lease anyway, I don’t think it’s a black mark on an otherwise good property.

    That said, if the time comes to close and the developer/owner cannot provide a copy of the C of O for you to inspect, DO NOT CLOSE. The certificate just needs to be in place by the time you fork over the down payment.

  • When a building is converted to condos (or new building built as condos) you must apply to DC to have the condos legally registered as condos with DC. They review your plans and condominium documents to make sure they comply with certain laws and regulations. Once the condos are registered you can legally accept contracts, before that time you do not legally have condos to sell.

  • Sorry, but the air came out of the Bloomingdale/Eckington balloon long ago.

    Some thought the cultural energy from the U Street corridor would trickle down Florida Avenue. Never happened. Others thought the development of NoMA would bring in new residents. Never happpened. Some thought Big Bear would usher in more independently owned businesses. Never happened. Some think development of the McMillan site will make available more amenities. Will that happen?

    • gotta disagree with you George. I’ve lived in Bloomingdale for 8 years now. While there hasn’t been the wholesale transformation of the area like in Columbia Heights or U Street, plenty of people are moving to the area and independent businesses have opened. I’m a particular fan of the Timor Bodega, and Jam Duong, the Jamaican takeout place.

      I like that it’s changing gradually and the big chains and franchises have not moved in. I suppose that means that property values have not gone up as much as in, say, Columbia Heights, but I can live with that. I’d prefer more of an “urban village” feel in my neighborhood. You might prefer something else, which is fine.

      It’s true that there’s not enough neighborhood serving retail, but it’s coming. I believe that one of the three businesses with pending liquor license applications will open within the next year or so and we’ll finally have our own watering hole. Of course, that may not happen, but I choose to be optimistic.

    • It’s going to happen. We’ve seen MANY reports in PoP about emerging businesses round here. Will they all fail to appear? Surely not. Those boutique shingles are coming.

      Take this post, for instance. A 3 bedroom in B’dale (with a condo fee attached, mind you) went under contract for close to half a mil. When you have a neighborhood full of half million dollar homes, you know you have homeowners who will fight for things they want, like sit down dining. It’s like when rabid G-towners fight to keep soup kitchens closed, but, you know, good and not evil.

      BBC or some other place is inevitably going to pioneer fancy post-prohibition options like wine — although maybe they will work out a deal with Sunset Liquors and serve wine coolers instead. Bon appetit!

    • The fact that there has been slow, yet consistent progress over the better part of the last decade is what attracts many to the neighborhood. I don’t want retail springing up all over the place. I want a few really good spots. I like cap hill over h street and logan circle over u street and petworth over columbia heights. I see eckington and bloomingdale as fitting the mold of those areas. Plus I think the unalterable fundamentals of the neighborhood are great.. fantastic geographic location, close to arteries and many employment centers plus very attractive housing inventory.

  • I’m oozing just thinking about it.

  • Nice block and nicely finished, but the fact remains you can get your own 3 bed rowhouse in the neighborhood for the same price. That’s why it’s not a good deal. Because for $495,000, you can get something really nice of equal size within a four block radius, possibly with a rental unit for supplemental income, and without the stupid condo fees. Or if you want a nice condo, you can get one for around $300K. That said, Eckington is slightly less charming but more attractively priced. I live two blocks out of Bloomingdale and for that I paid $50K less for my duplex. And my tenants pay my mortgage.

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