Good Deal or Not? “NEW HVAC” Edition (Readers Request)

This home is located at 131 Longfellow St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Fantastic RENOVATION. NEW HVAC, cabinets, SS appliances, granite c-tops, washer/dryer, windows/doors/light & bathroom fixtures, NEW hdwd floors main lvl, carpet. NEW roof, siding. Full BA in finished walkout bsmnt w 4th BR & large rec room. NEW parking pad. Regular sale, not short sale.”

You can find more info here and more photos here.

It is rare that two different readers request the same house for a GDoN post. That happened for this one – What do you think of the renovations? Do you think $339,700 for this 4 bed/3.5 bath is priced right?

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  • great price. If that was a few blocks further north it would easily fetch 400K but this is great for the location.

  • Beware the fly by night flippers. From settlement back to market in 7 weeks.

    DCRA doesn’t move that fast, even if the owner wanted to. No way all that work was done with permits. I’d ask to see the inspection stickers before making an offer on that house.

  • I just bought a condo in a newly refinished townhouse that has the same finishes– same appliances, same cabinets, same mirror in the bathroom. The last unit in my building closed at the beginning of May, and I see that this was purchased in the middle of May. I also heard that our developer had a single-family house in the works. I wonder if it’s the same one?

  • I love the style of this house. The inside is quite nice as well. I live down the street and that is a quiet street and an overall nice neighborhood w/ some good green space around it. Also very close to Fort totten metro. I say thats a great deal.

    • I was going to ask what the hike to the metro was like. No idea what the surrounding block is like, but this seems reasonable price-wise to me.

      • That street has 2 different short walks 2 bus stops that are a 2 minute ride to the station. Walking is probably 12 minutes.

      • I live across the street. If I’m walking slowly, 15 minutes to Ft Totten. If I’m lazy, 2 minute bus ride to the metro. It’s a nice quiet block and the federally owned Ft. Slocum Park is one block away – nice green space that is well maintained.

  • Looks great, great price. The apt kitchen looks as nice as the main one – that should help get some rental income. I’d prefer to be closer to the metro than this, but the location is reflected in the price.

    I’m not sure the fast timing is necessarily a bad thing. It could mean they know what they’re doing and are efficient…

  • I guess that the folks who are sending these GDoN requests are not really interested in buying these homes. If they know much about the market, they should know that if they find a what seems to be a good deal they have to move fast, like putting an offer on it within 24 hours if they expect to have a fighting chance at getting it. Sending it to PoP and having him expose it to all of his readers to chat about seems like a good way to increase your competition and probably lose the house/condo, if you were ever serious about it. Now, if these are really realtors sending these in, is a different story all together.

    • living up to your name aren’t you?

    • I’m a neighbor, so we are selfishly hoping someone will see it on PoP and buy it. We’re happy with the house we bought.

      • I don’t think your motives are really that selfish, I’d do the same thing and these posting make much more sense, to me, now that I consider that it’s not always a prospective buyer sending these in.

    • Of course they’re not interested in buying.
      This is PURE entertainment.

    • whatever. its fun talking about it though.

    • You are assume they want to buy. I don’t know that that is the case.

      gross captcha: pockmarks blood

  • is that linoleum in the living room? whoa.

    • It’s carpet with a plastic strip over it to protect it – it’s the same as a couple of the bedrooms.


  • If you’re gonna live that far out, you might as well look for a place in Maryland.

    • Your comment makes absolutely no sense…its within 10 minutes driving of all of the places Im sure you would consider to be the hotspots

      • And 12 minutes if you live just over the border in Maryland, with a government that is far more accountable, and voting representation in Congress. The DC address only impresses the folks back home. Nobody else, really.

        • what a weird perspective.

        • Some of us live here. Our “folks back home” are pretty much all here, so we’re not impressing anybody. We’ve chosen to make our lives here, for better and worse. That’s all.

          • some of us also have moms that moved to up-and-coming areas in DC as well…yay for parents also giving up living in the burbs 🙂 (Mom is in Takoma DC)

            Also, if you want to buy a home and don’t have kids (yet), the property taxes are WAY lower in DC. Plus some of us just want to live in the city.

          • Well if you want to live in the city, why wouldn’t you prefer someplace URBAN in nature, instead of someplace that has much more in common with the burbs, like this place?

        • Sorry dude, but the living in DC proper does not really impress anyone at home. They generally say “bitch set me up” or make some other remark about Barry.

  • And the extra $2-3k in property taxes you would pay in MD too…dont forget that.

    • And the decent services that you receive in return. Unless you’re a particularly charitable person and like seeing all your hard-earned tax dollars being wasted by an incompetent government.

      • ok well I guess its safe to say you dont think its a good deal…i, on the other hand, think its a great deal. But to each his/her own.

      • OK you don’t like DC. Why are you reading a blog centered around the city and one of its neighborhoods? Seriously.

  • Is it just the parking pad in the back? No pics of a yard/patio/deck.

  • Think it’s a great deal and hope it sells above asking! We own in the 400 block and really like the neighborhood. We’re close to Petworth/Columbia Heights, close to Takoma Park (without the insane property taxes – takoma has city taxes on top of state that are very expensive), etc. We’re on several really good bus lines and don’t have any of the hassle we had when we lived in Adams Morgan or Mt.Pleasant. Always good parking, not too loud, no random stranger puke on my stairs in the a.m. Wish we were closer to metro but less than a mile isn’t too bad for us urban warriors.

  • Love the color cabinets they chose. I am thinking you could park on the street and turn that parking pad into a nice outdoor dining/patio plant area.

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