Good Deal or Not? “Four zone sound system” edition

This home is located at 924 Spring Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“Great Renovation! Four zone sound system in kitchen, living room, basement and master bedroom; intercom system, new hardwood floors, open kitchen, new windows, new A/C system, new electrical wiring & plumbing, SS appliances, granite countertops, recess lights. Two blocks from the metro station.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath started out at $539,000 but is now on the market for $499,000. Sound reasonable? What do you think of the reno?

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  • what neighborhood is that?

  • It seems priced right to me.

  • This one was for sale for (what seemed like) years. I’m glad someone put the time and energy into doing a proper remodel.

    If I recall correctly, aside from the green color and the window awnings, the main detriment was the partial framing inside. It was going to require quite a bit of work for a non-developer.

    Great location — two blocks closer to Meridian Pint than I am.

  • Why would you need four zones of sound in the kitchen? you couldn’t even fit four people in the kitchen, much less listen to four different things!

    captcha: system tampax

  • At that price point and that number of bedrooms with almost any level of renovation, I think it’s a good price. The next lower step is a condo somewhere and that comes with headaches and fees.

    FYI, the property on 9th and G SE is still for sale.

    • good thing owning a home is without headaches and fees. oh wait.

      • Sure, but they are different headaches and fees. The biggest difference is that they are all under your control (or are your fault). I’d rather deal with the devil I know …

  • I recentlt bought a house very near here. Hard to compare exactly with no square footage listed and not all rooms shown, but I think the price is spot on. (Even though the vessel sinks make me want to vomit). Nice renovation, good outdoor space, great location.

  • Cute house. Although I’d take those boutique hotel sinks out as soon as I bought it.

    Also I don’t know why people factor stuff like sound systems into their purchase. That’s easy enough to install.

    • not easy to wire a sound system once drywall is up… in fact, huge pain in the ass.

  • And soon enough, they will be very close to a wonderful new community center and park at the Raymond Recreation Center, and less than a block away from the revitalization of the Robeson School and 1125 Spring.

  • Raymond Elementary has pretty decent test scores. I think that place is pretty well priced. Only minus is lack of a (back) yard.

  • Nice, what’s not to like except no off street parking? It does have a yard, just not much of one.

  • Price is probably right. But, arrgggg, I hate the flipper home despot remodel. Yuck.

  • Totally uninspired renovation — couldn’t be more cookie-cutter. The interior, stripped of anything of interest, looks like that of a generic, if newly done, apartment. Cheesy front door too.

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