Good Deal or Not? “a rooftop terrace w/ pool” edition

This condo is located at 1010 Massachusetts Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“This 1 BR, 1 BA condo, in the heart of downtown, features an open floor plan with a gorgeous kitchen with granite countertops and ss apps, floor to ceiling windows, gleaming hw floors, CAC, an in-unit w/ d, & a rooftop terrace w/ pool.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

I was gonna show a regular rowhouse today, but I couldn’t resist the rooftop pool. What do you think of the condo itself? Does $399,000 ($431.20 condo fee) sound reasonable for this 1 bed/1bath?

There is a 1 bed/1bath unit with den and a parking spot on a higher floor going for $530,000.

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  • Price sounds about right.

  • Not a bad price, but then again, it’s not exactly the most pleasant part of town, either.

  • Bad deal; it’s 681 sq ft and comps (in that building & others nearby) for 1BRs of that size are $350k or less.

  • The problem is that its a lot of money for a place without a parking spot. Say what you want about how cars aren’t necessities in DC – people who are throwing down near half a mil on a condo want a parking spot. This part of town (while I would say is “pleasant”) has terrible street parking options.

    • My brain short circuited. For some reason I thought I read the price was in the mid 400’s. I think that this is in the right ballpark.

  • It looks like a nice unit, but the windows are so small and strangely placed. I feel like new construction buildings should have as many windows as possible, but it looks like this one gave some up to provide an interesting look to the facade — not a good trade-off.

    The roof looks sweet and I like the dark wood in the kitchen.

  • The upper floor unit not only has a den but also has a parking place … so big pricing differential (not just “upper floor” status).

  • I find all of the newer condo units on that part of Mass Ave hysterical. Of course it wasn’t all that long ago when there was almost nothing there so seeing nicer condos for sale is amazing to me.

    I can see why they are asking that price. It has all the right finishes to demand that price. Don’t know if they would get that price since it seems like all the condo projects developed in the last few years were equally “upscale” (i.e. granite and stainless appliances = thousands added to the price).

  • Interesting that both units are listed for what the current owners paid in 07, which means that the owners will lose money on transaction costs if they sell at this price. Although losing the broker’s commission and closing costs isn’t nearly as bad as the huge losses incurred by homeowners in most other parts of the country.

    • That’s a big if, though…

    • that’s the gamble with buying in a new condo development where everything is EXACTLY the same and a lot of inventory is available at once. unless you do something to distinguish your property (make improvements, etc), with more than one on the market at a time, it’s cutthroat competition.

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