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  • Awesome, I was hoping you’d see our corn, which hasn’t been fairing too well in the heat as you can see. We try and think of something interesting to put in those planters every spring (last year it was African tall grass). We had visions of corn on the cob all summer but I think they’ll end up being Haloween decorations. Thanks for noticing!

  • BTW – Frank Asher at Old City Green/Fairies Crossing has been doing our front yard for five years now and is great. We have most of our original plantings from 2005, mainly because he’s very knowledgeable and always checks up on his customers. Also, because my wife puts a lot of work into it.

  • I live near here and admire this corn each day! love it!

  • I live in the first house! The landlords do a great job with the place – I am VERY happy there, and so happy to see their hard work recognized by the PoP!

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