Garden of the Day

I’m a huge fan of school gardens. This one is located on Columbia Rd, just west of 14th St, NW (I think Centro Nia).

Incidentally I have found a new favorite herb:

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  • Sweet city coverage.

  • YAY!!! This is a City Blossoms’/CentroNia partnership Garden! Check out our other green spaces at . Come and hang out in the gardens sometime with us!
    Lola B

  • i love the colorful signs on this garden. Watkins Elementary in SE also has a beautiful garden that the 1st and 3rd graders take care of. I wish more schools would adopt the learning through gardening approach–it has great effects!

  • City Blossoms does amazing work in DC and Baltimore planning and facilitating youth gardens. With a unique focus on integrating art, there is no other organization like them!!

    @Lindsay, the recently passed DC Healthy Schools Act has a provision for school gardens, so please everybody, keep your ears out for opportunities to support school gardens throughout DC.

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