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  • Crape Myrtle – it’s a good tree.

  • Are you new in town?
    These are everywhere.

    • ah

      Note to PoP: In April, those trees you see blooming everywhere? Cherries.
      In May? Redbuds.
      June-August: Crape Myrtle

  • crape myrtles bloom for 100 days
    captcha jacked in

  • crape myrtle–also blooms in white and a reddish color.

  • The peeling light colored bark on the trunks and lower branches of mature Crape Myrtles (Lagerstroemia Indica) are distinctive and quite attractive as well during the 8 to 9 months of the year they are not in bloom.

    This is one of the most showy of small to medium size flowering trees that can grow and thrive easily here.

  • It’s not only a crepe myrtle but it is my neighbor’s crepe myrtle. It was heavily damaged in the snow last winter.

  • Can someone instruct me on the trimming/pruning of these trees? There is one in the garden in front of my house and I love it, but I’d like it to look more like a tree than a bush…is there something I should be doing to it in its off-season to make it shaped prettier?

  • This is a pretty good guide that I used this year, and my trees look great:


    Don’t be shy. Your tree is going to look really bare, but it’s worth it. It grows back really, really fast.

  • Just don’t commit Crape Murder

  • crape myrtle, resilient and a great place for a bee hive :-/

  • with its pink blooms and gray-brown bark this could be Lagerstroemia indica ‘Seminole’, a US National Arboretum introduction.

  • This is a Crape Myrtle — my favorite tree. Thrives very well in the heat! Blooms in late June to August. As spookiness stated, these are all over DC like azaleas..

  • Thanks Jason and PetworthRes! This is what I needed. Next spring I will prune, but I will prune with love and without murderous intent 🙂

  • I’ve also seen crape myrtles in white and lavendar, but my favorite is deep bright red.

  • Crape Myrtles come in most colors – the vibrant reds and pinks are my favorite. The whites (the older variety at least) are rather anemic bloomers.

    If you have one, please to not pollard them! So many old-timers do this, and it looks ridiculous. All your left with is long, bare, trunks, with a short little foliage area.

    Has anyone else noticed that the Crapes are blooming about 3 to 4 weeks early this year? Weird!

  • These are native to China and Korea and won’t provide anything of value for our birds or bees. They may be pretty, but so are redbuds, (native) dogwoods, and serviceberry trees, all of which will. I always hate to see these planted when in all cases a native tree would do just as well, and in many cases a large shade tree would be more appropriate. Let’s restore a little nature to our city, not just garden it.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t help but see this post as a big crape myrtle advertisement, and as everyone has pointed out, the tree doesn’t need any advertising around here.

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