Fri. Afternoon Rental/Roomate Option – U St, NW (Owner Request)

This rental is located at 2001 12th St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“I’m looking for a new roommate for my fantastic two bedroom/two bathroom apartment on 12th and U, across the street from the U street metro (yellow/green lines), close to the best restaurants and bars in NW DC, a 15 minute walk to Dupont Circle, and a 10 minute walk to Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights. The bedroom is a good size, with 2 big closets, hardwood floors, and a private bathroom. The apartment has a BALCONY, W/D, dishwasher, fireplace, new appliances, central air, and is painted funky colors. The building is 10 years old, has a rooftop deck, doorman, gym, and garage parking. Rent is about $1200/month.”

Think $1200 sounds reasonable?

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  • how can rent be “about” something? what is it? does 1200 include garage parking for the roommate? if so, and it’s actually 1200, then it is a decent deal, although before purchasing a condo in the U st area i lived by myself in a spacious (foggy bottom) studio for less than that.

  • “Vegetarian or kosher preferred, unless you can provide your own cookware, plates and utensils.”

    yeah, no deal. if she get’s hung up over using a cleaned fork because it once touched an animal, who knows what other issues she has.

    • oh yeah..didn’t read the actual craigslist article. fine to be a vegan, but the whole “use your own utensils” IS a no deal.

    • She might just keep kosher.

    • Yeah, I hate to say it because I know (and like) a lot of vegetarians, but many of them are extremely OCD and horrible to live with. My first roommate when I lived here was a vegetarian and she made my life hell. The “no meat touching my utensils” thing wasn’t an issue because I rarely eat meat and don’t prepare it at home, but there were other things that really got to her. For example, she once flipped out because I was drinking water out of one of her wine glasses (the issue wasn’t that I was using her glass, but that I was using her glass for something other than the intended purpose).

  • Kind of a lot to pay for having a roommate.

    • I think the price is fine for the location. There are places out in the surburbs where you’d have to pay this much to live with a roommate and they’re clearly not worth it; living a block from the U Street metro, on the other hand, is worth $1200 + a roommate for many.

  • RD – it’s a religious thing, not a hang up, douchebag.

    • not to get technical here…but isn’t religion a hang up?

      • Seriously, you choose your own religion, including whatever irrational practices it may include. Be prepared to defend them when someone else points out how ridiculous they might be and restrictive in finding a roommate. Let’s be real here, properly cleaned plates and utensils don’t have left over food on them, and if they did, that’s objectionable to persons of every faith and no faith.

      • no, religion is free from all criticism.

      • Most of the people I know who keep kosher (as strictly as this rentor seems to) do so mostly out of habit tradition. I don’t see why it necessarily signals something else.

    • and looks like we have ms. craigslist poster here in the flesh.

      hang-up, fundamental religious practice, the line is blurry. i would be cautious of rooming with a person with any odd behaviors like this that impact the living situation.

  • The poster isn’t asking about religion, just to respect his or her religion by not using their utensils with meat. Seems obvious to me.

    • No one said the poster is asking about religion. That’s obvious too but you have seemingly missed that.

      The poster’s religion restricts them from being able to share silverware, ie. a hangup. Those who adhere to religious dogma so vehemently usually have a lot of other hangups and not so easygoing so they should (how do I say this in a PC manner?) stick to their own. Which she actually acknowledges.

  • CH, that is the rudest and most judgmental thing I have heard all week! I bet you hate Muslims too or anyone else who doesn’t believe the same as you. It’s about respect.

  • i don’t keep kosher, and this wouldn’t phase me one bit.
    i’m vegetarian and have asked past roommates to not use my iron skillets or saute pans or cutting boards for meat. none have been remotely bothered by this.

    its really not a big deal to have separate stuff.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I agree, especially since you know going in about the separate kitchen stuff.

      I do think it’s too expensive though.

    • It is if you have limited cabinet/drawer space… as most apartments do.

      Hopefully this person will be able to find someone who shares their dietary restrictions, otherwise, I think it will be hard finding someone who’s willing to adhere to these rules (and force their guests to adhere to them too) for such a high price.

    • I TOTALLY understand! (and yes, I am veggie) I have a friend who is actively looking for a vegetarian house to live in. Maybe it is a vegetarian thing, and others just wouldn’t understand.

      As for the price, seems a bit high, and I agree that the ad isn’t written decisively enough. Tell what the price is, not what it might be. I think the pricing also depends on what you’re paying for it.

  • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking for a roommate with similar living habits – you people are ridiculous. Seems like a good deal, depending on whether you like the person who you’d be living with (which is subjective, to each their own). I can’t say that I care for the color of the room or the bathroom though.

  • Holy crap! This is my apartment and I had no idea the crapstorm this would create. I’m normal – I just keep kosher, though I don’t even eat meat. I just prefer that if my roommate does, they use their own stuff. My last roommate cooked non-kosher meat in the house and used her own cookware and it was no big deal. I’m not a freak or religious or anal or crazy to live with. I’m actually a very respectful person. Half of ypu guys are nuts though’n

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