Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Eckington

This rental is located at T St, NE at 3rd St, NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Includes cable, internet, all utilities, private laundry. Apt will is furnished with a full sized bed in one room, and 2 twin beds in the other room a pull out futon in the living room and all kitchen supplies.

Available Aug 1.

Sublet by season. Can do long term by semester, short term summer…”

Looks like this could be a good option for a couple of students? How’s the public transportation at this location? Does $2000 sound reasonable for this 2 bedroom?

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  • Over priced by about 400-500 bucks a month. This person cant be serious.

  • Definitely overpriced. It’s a small, dark basement apartment in a blah part of town. Drop it down to $1500, and it’s reasonable.

  • I pay less for a 3 bedroom only a few blocks away and that comes with a NW address.

  • bad deal for a bad area.

  • Plus you’re living with someone else’s stuff. Not reasonable at all.

  • 2 grand for a basement in ECKINGTON? hahahahahaha

  • It’s about equidistant to New York Ave and Rhode Island Ave Metros (about a 20 minute walk to each). It’s not too far of a walk from Trinity College (about 20 minutes) or Catholic (about 30 mintues), but $2000 is a bit much for a basement. $1600 is about right, since it does include utilities.

  • I would say about 800 too much.

  • I’m in agreement with a lot of others on this one. It’s about $400-$500 overpriced. Since, like Chris mentioned, it does include utilities, I’m inclined to say it’s $400 overpriced. I would be shocked if they got anywhere near $2,000 for this.

  • too much
    and one of the worst blocks in eckington.

  • no. effing. way.

  • Lived 1 block further up, payed about $700 dollars less a month for last year. Way overpriced.

  • I think utilities plus cable are worth about $250 a month — at least that’s what it is for me. Assuming $1500 is a average price for a basement apt here with nothing wrong with it, something closer to $1750 or $1800 is possible. Just read the other ads for Eckington on CL, you’lll find that while this is overpriced, it’s not $400 overpriced.

    I’m surprised how much weight people put on what they pay, or what one friend of theirs does. You need a larger sample to derive average market price for a neighborhood. It takes about one minute to search CL.

    • Except looking at craigslist ads are looking at the list price.. its completely worthless when establishing what the market will bear… in fact hearing fromm 2 or 3 people here who have rented out a lot less is a better indication than anything you can observe on CL.

      • First of all, Neighbor — 2 or 3 people? You can go on CL right now and find more examples of price than that for any neighborhood in DC. Why ask 3 people, when you can ask dozens or hundreds? I mean, I know a tiny amount of people renting in Eckington myself.

        Second, landlords don’t actively haggle like home sellers. But even we were to concede that they did, you’ll have to admit that some places will then go for above list, based on having received multiple applications. I’ve seen it happen. In general, once the outliers are removed (like this listing), you’ll find that CL closely reflects what people will pay on average.

        As a sidenote, I have a friend whose landlord rents their basement one bedroom for $1500 right near this listing. Do I think that repesents the whole? No. Some people overpay and some people underpay — that’s life.

        • Right, which is why when an appraisal is done they look at all the active listings. Oh right, they dont.

          As for landlords actively haggling, some do – others list places for a long time and continue to lower their rent.

          Unless you take a sampling of executed contracts for rent of comparable spaces in the same area, you are doing nothing but guessing.

          Personally, I’ve actively followed rentals in this area for over a year and the ones that are not relisted on craigslist for weeks on end are listed far below this. I’ve seen numerous houses listed for just a bit more, or a 2 or 3 bedroom condo thats not in a basement in this area for 1600-1800. These typically do not reappear. Those that are asking these types of rates are listed for a while. Even if this one disappears, I would bet they didnt rent it for $2000…

          • Yeah, I think this landlord might call an audible after realizing he’s been subject of a PoP post, and drop his price. He should relist at $1500 + utils and rent it in a week. Maybe $1600 if he can wait.

            I don’t get what you’re laying down — I mean first you say CL is worthless to establish price, and then you say you track it, and you use it to justify a specific range of prices. I agree with the second of the two yous.

            I follow CL, too. I think it’s great to get a handle on the cost of living in DC. Personally, I like to see very moderate increase in rental prices indicating our local economy is humming along nicely. You know, rent goes up in line with our wages.

          • I mean its worthless to go check a single time, find a couple places that are still for rent, and draw any conclusions. Its pretty useful if you check frequently, see the same places dropping asking prices, see other places not reappear, and through all of this you can establish pretty convincing trends. Compare that with anecdotal evidence from a few people who hold leases and you can come close to establishing a good price.

  • The rental housing market in DC has gone nuts. You couldn’t pay me to live over there, and yet THEY want ME to pay THEM $2000???? No. Way. Never.

    There are a lot of folks over there who got stars in their eyes when the NY Ave/FL Ave metro went in. Now they’re stuck with basement apartments and they want to recoup their losses on the renter’s back.

    • “stars in their eyes when the NY Ave/FL Ave metro went in”??

      you obviously know nothing about the area.

    • Yeah, I have to second that. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Ive lived in Eckington since 03 and like it. Its certainly continuing to get better & I that its bike-able to U st, and the Giant & Home Depot are up the st. I also have a car which is always easy to park. The walk to metro is qwik and like that its centrally located to get around town by car. Our house rent doesnt include utilities so per person may be cheaper but the the utilities have been way high this year.

  • Someone was paying attention… they’ve dropped the rent. New listing –

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