Free Slice at Flippin’ Pizza Today from 5-7pm!

According to @metrocurean, today you can get a free slice of pizza from 5 to 7pm at Flippin’ Pizza located at 1745 Connecticut Avenue, NW. (Sorry for the old picture but we’ve been anticipating this opening since Sept. ’09.) While you can get a free slice today, the grand opening is Friday. As a self proclaimed pizza expert I’ll be sure to check them out soon and report back.

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  • “A slice of New York”
    We’ll see.

  • Isn’t this the place that won that online pizza pool last year?
    Anyway, I tried a slice at Nationals Park, and it had unfortunately been sitting around for a while.
    It seems to at least have potential.

    • It won because it’s a chain and had their locations tell their patrons nationwide to vote in the contest. Which was local of course. But I digress. NY pizza all tastes the same to me. Like cardboard. But Ill take the free slice. Even NY pizza is good when free

  • Free slice? Scared of how long that line will be. For the cost, it’s probably better to go another time and not wait an hour.

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