Free film Tonight at the National Press Club

“Dear PoP,

This Wednesday, July 14 at 6:30 PM we will be screening a documentary film called “Revealing Hate,” which takes a closer look at hate groups and their motivations, as well as victims of the groups’ violence.

A panel discussion with the film’s NYC-based producer, Mariah Wilson, as well as DC civil rights organizations’ leaders will follow the film screening.

Come check out the Press Club, as the event is free and open to all. Free popcorn will accompany the documentary, as well as a cash bar.

More info here.

National Press Club
Holeman Lounge, 13th Floor
529 14th Street, NW

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  • Hey, look, it’s a Tea Party rally!

  • Is that Glen Beck leading the charge?

  • …least we forget, left is “right” and right is “wrong”

    More PC nonsense! Not that these groups are anything less than evil, which they are indeed, but only that it’s likely safe to assume that in this film the evil ones are invariably “white,” whereas those slightly less than angels must always be “non-white.”

    • Interesting comment. I think it is well established now that whites ‘no longer have the market cornered on evil’ when you look at the atrocities committed by various racial, ethnic and cultural groups around the world. I do however agree that there is an issue w/ this movie. Obviously Neo Nazi / Hate Groups = Bad, ok and? Is there a new angle here or can project like this always get funding?

  • looks like a great date movie.

  • Some of these comments remind me of a friend’s story about going to the Holocaust Museum with a Spaniard. WHen they left, he asked his friend about th eimpression the museum made on him. The Spaniard’s answer, “very moving, but it seemed a little biased against the Germans.”

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