Fire at 8th and Taylor Streets, NW

The reader who sends in the photos believes it may be a rooming house.

700 block of Taylor St, NW closed to traffic.

DCfireems says on twitter:

“700 blk Taylor St NW – fire in bsmt – 2 sty rowhse

Update – FFs rescuing occupants via ladders – fire in bsmt – heavy smoke”

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  • According to @dcfireems as many as 12 people may be displaced.

    PoP can you let us know if there is anything neighbors can do to help these families?

  • They are saying 11 adults and 6 children now. It was an illegal rooming house.

  • (And the “illegal rooming house” comment is my own comment, from what I know living a few doors away.)

  • At 11 pm tonight, people were still in front of this house. I contacted 311, and it seems emergency services had already contacted the Red Cross. I don think though that they anticipated that people might still be returning to this house for many hours. They were very responsive after I informed them that there were still displaced people there, and sent out a Spanish speaking officer. Still, I think its important to consider all the people who were made homeless from there already precarious living situation by this fire. Neighbors had also been working to address the over crowded conditions here, which included dumping in the alley and urination in the front yard. Our neighborhood is growing in a lot of wonderful ways but I think its important to remember there are a lot of vulnerable people who live here.

  • Vulnerable? What is vulnerable about operating an illegal boarding house?

    The neighbors on both sides (who no doubt suffered water and smoke damage) are the real victims here.

    Our elected officials need to worry a bit less about being PC and more about enforcing safety regulations/codes.

    • Umm, are you incapable of making the distinction between the slumlord who owned the house and the people who had no choice but to live there? While your anger is probably appropriate for the owner, I hardly see why you should be angry at the people who had to live there.

      • Michael,

        Do you really think the tenants didn’t know they were living in a slum house? Do you think they were forced to live there? Really?

        Wow. I wish I lived in your world.

  • PoP and other neighborhoods – I haven’t been able to learn anything more about this fire and the people living there. But as another reader wrote, if there is anything we do to help the families, please do let us know.


  • The owner of the property, according to the DC tax database, lives in the large house on the north corner of 8th and Shepherd.

  • FWIW, the Red Cross is out there with the families now.

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