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  • I love this door and St. Francis … but what is so interesting (or ironic) about this door is that it is located on the Luther Church in Thomas Circle ….. a quick study of church/spiritual history will show that Martin Luther strongly disliked the Franciscans … and not just because they were Catholics …. “Luther depicted the Franciscans as ‘snoring brothers who perchance have sometime seen a master of arts but have never known one personally . . .You never read anything, much less do you understand anything, and yet you claim to judge of doctrines.’ [Luther thought] their claims were ‘diseased, absurd and foreign to Catholic doctrine’. By John Todd, [ title] Luther: A Life

  • I’m a member of Luther Place church- it’s a progressive congregation, and we just put the mural up this spring. St. Francis is an important example of simplicity and charity.

  • Now Luther had alot to say about alot of things. Here’s another one:

    This life therefore is not righteousness but growth in righteousness; not health but healing, not being but becoming, not rest but excercise. We are not what we shall be but we are growing toward it; the process is not yet finished but it is going on; this is not the end but the road. All does not yet gleam in glory but all is being purified.”

    I would hope that Martin Luther would see the door painted at the church I serve as pastor(Luther Place Memorial Church on Thomas Circle) as an example of Lutherans mining the tradition for the saints who are about peace and reconciliation. We need all the reminders we can get about about peace.

    Thanks for noticing the door– there will be two more to come over the next year!

    • Thanks for responding Pastor Brau …. a further study of Christian spirituality will find that Luther evangelical revival in the 16th century was actually a revival of the evangelical tradition started by St. Francis some 400 years earlier …. both men would actually be very much in agreement … save of the fact that 400 years after St. Francis lived his beloved church had turned inward, bureaucratic, and power hungry …. I was a member of the reformed faith until I studied Luther faith seriously and could not abide by his christology …. nevertheless, I applaud him for his faith in a Gospel that leads to liberty and freedom … something that St. Francis would very much agree with … in this age of Catholic vs Protestant I find your door of St. Francis very postmodern … in that your congregation is able to look beyond itself and its history to mine not the history of the Luther Church… but the history of the Christian faith …. anything that moves the faithful beyond the nomenclature nature of Christianity these days has to be applauded …. I say lift that up …. along with, of course, the irony of a door on a Luther Church with a painted picture of St. Francis

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