Dear PoP – What’s the Area North of Spring South of Upshur, NW?

“Dear PoP,

First, what is the area above Spring, below Upshur between 14th and 13th. Neither Columbia Heights nor 16th Street Heights community associations seems to want it and they are worried if they move there it will always be unloved. I do not mean to start a line war but it seems excluded. Is there a way either association would consider
adding it?

Second, for people that actually live in that area, what do you think about it? Obviously a murder occurred at 14th and Perry recently but was that an oddity or is the place to be avoided?”

That’s Tivoli North of course. I’m just kidding, just kidding. Tivoli North actually is a business association but the idea of calling the neighborhood that is very controversial to say the least. The truth is, it depends who you ask. Among the residents that live in that area I’ve heard people refer to it as Columbia Heights, Petworth, 14th Street Heights, and 16th Street Heights. It is actually Ward 4 (Columbia Heights is Ward 1). I like the idea of 14th St. Heights.

And for #2, I’ll let the folks who live there answer but I travel that area all the time and while you should use street smarts (like most neighborhoods in the city) I only think this area will improve over time. What do you guys think?

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  • I usually refer to that area as “near the Red Derby.”

    If pressed to place it in one of the established neighborhoods, I would probably say Petworth.

    Whatever you call it, I think it’s a pretty nice ‘hood for the most part.

  • I just call it “my neighborhood” The boundary of neighborhoodlessness goes from 14th to Kansas Ave, not just to 13th Street. The city considers it Columbia Heights on the plat, but none of the neighborhood associations will claim this area, so maybe we should start our own neighborhood. How does “Petworth Heights” sound?

    …Perry is south of Spring so the murder wasn’t even in the referenced area.

  • It’s North Columbia Heights. Although you could also call it Holmead Manor… both of historic precedent.

    • Holmead Village is already the area from 13th to 14th and Park Rd to Spring Rd.

      • Does an area that small, with no distinguishing features, really need its own neighborhood name? Neighborhood names change and disappear for a reason.

        • It was designated that way because of a large collection of Wardman front-porch rowhouses, all built at the same time. It is actually quite a unique area, according to DC historic preservationists.

          • I live in one of those Wardman rowhouses on Quincy. Were they really built by Wardman, or just something similar? I’d love to know more about my house! And for what it’s worth, this neighborhood rocks!!

        • if it makes people feel more pride in their house and area, how could it be a bad thing?

  • +1 to Lauren; Derbylandia works just fine.

  • Friends don’t let friends walk 14th north of Tivoli late.

    Unless they want them to get cased for robbery.

    • Hahahaha! Always someone who writes something like this.

      The most dangerous part of Columbia Heights is the area between Florida and Columbia. It’s an empirical fact. Learn about our neighborhoods or go back to Reston.

    • This is so wrong I don’t even know where to start. Apparent someone is unable to check the stats.

    • This sounds like a troll comment. Anyone who lives in Columbia Heights will tell you some of the best spots are North of Tivoli. At least the best restaurants!

  • i always assume north of Spring Road was my neighborhood, 16th Street Heights. Whatever the actual boundaries, the neighborhood becomes much more residential at around Shepherd or so and it feels more like what I think of as 16th Street Heights.

    And I can see why no one would want to claim that strip up to Shepherd on 14th. There’s some sketchy venues there and you know a sign on a restaurant saying “patrons will not interfere with residents of a nearby group home” is not good. But that strip has more in common with the commercial strip above DCUSA than anything else.

    But let’s be responsible. Not every part of all neighborhoods are awesome in all respects. So I’ll claim north-of-Spring-Road for 16th Street Heights.

  • And you must live in Virginia.

  • What murder? I live in the 1300 block of Perry, and never heard about it.

  • I call it 14th Street Heights sometimes… North Columbia Heights other times… I like Derbania, though. I’ve seen Parkview on some city maps, can’t recall which.

    I love the neighborhood, even the 14th stretch from kenyon to Taylor and beyond. Ever go the PanAm grocery? I feel like I’m visiting my family in Honduras!

    Funny fact: my wife and I once counted all the hair salons (and related places, such as braiding salons, barbershops, etc) on our walk home from the Giant along 14th. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but if you divide the distance by the number of places to get a weave or a fade, no are never more than (something like) 140 feet from a new do! That doesn’t include crossing the street, which would make that number shrink dramatically!

  • We’ve been there a year and a half, and it’s weird describing where we live. I’ve definitely said “North Columbia Heights” more than once –even though it’s Ward 4, it just feels a little more CH…

    Say what you will about the weirdly-named Tivoli North Association, they at least try to create the appearance of identity and cohesion to the neighborhood.

    Fenty was out late winter(?) and walked this very stretch with Councilwoman Bowser. Apparently the stretch north of Spring is getting targeted for some redevelopment/ reinvestment. Haven’t seen/heard about it sense –let me know if anyone’s heard otherwise.

  • Excellent, thanks! I was trying to think what would be a good fit for that stretch. All I can come up with is not-DCUSA and not a bunch of loud nightclubs…Can’t wait to see how this progresses.

  • Our happy hood is a bit of a “gap” nestled amongst Columbia Heights, Petworth, Crestwood, and the 14th/16th St., Heightss. What seems to be defining the area is proximity to the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro–
    which conveniently can be abbreviated, “GaP.” Get it?

    Therefore, I humbly propose to rename this chunk of no-mans land “The GaP”. Note the small a and large P, to avoid trademark infringement. (I’m no lawyer, so
    don’t quote me on that.)

    Plus, it sounds kinda cool. Mind the GaP. Fall into the GaP. In Spanish, they call it “El GaPo.”

  • It’s Columbia Heights. I run through there and drink around there regularly (not usually at the same time), and it’s fine. What’s with the need to subdivide and subdivide every already-small neighborhood anyway? I’ve never understood why there is a “North Columbia Heights” Civic Association, for example. What is it that is south of Irving that they are trying to exclude, hmmm?

    • The feel of the hood is very distinct from “downtown” Columbia Heights. Also, it is a pain when giving directions to people coming up on the Metro to visit, and you have to warn them three times not to get out at Columbia Heights . . . even though technically we are in Columbia Heights. Makes sense to name the area after the GaP Metro.

  • I’ve been struggling with this one for a while. We live on the 1200 block of Quincy, and it seems that we are part of this no-named mass as well. From the descriptions I’ve found online (see below), I guess we’re only partially claimed by Sixteenth Street Heights. But if 16thSH doesn’t want 14th Street, I can’t imagine they are looking East of Kansas. Thoughts?

    Petworth: bounded by Georgia Avenue to the west, North Capitol Street to the east, Rock Creek Church Road to the south, and Kennedy Street NW to the north.

    Columbia Heights: bounded by 16th Street to the west, Spring Road to the north, Georgia Avenue to the east, and Florida Avenue and Barry Place to the south.

    Sixteenth Street Heights: Definitions of Sixteenth Street Heights’ boundaries vary, though it can be broadly outlined by 16th Street to the west, Georgia Avenue to the east, Missouri Avenue to the north, and Spring Road NW and New Hampshire Avenue to the south. The 16th Street Heights Assessment Neighborhood is defined as 16th Street on the west, Missouri Avenue on the north, Georgia Avenue on the east, and Upshur Street on the south. However, it is also common to view Kennedy Street as the northern border of 16th Street Heights. All of 16th Street Heights lies within ZIP code 20011.

    • Spring can’t be a boundary between Columbia Heights and 16th St. Heights. Can’t have two heightss next to each other or they would be the same height . . . you have to have a valley, or GaP, in between.

    • So the borders of GaP are Spring to the south, Upshur to the north, 16th to the west, and Georgia to the east?

    • as a resident of the 900 block of quincy, i consider myself to be in petworth. since we fall in ward 4, and our ANC lines are drawn that way, it seems logical. (oh yeah, and we only get 1x week trash pickup, unlike our neighbors about 2 blocks south who get 2x).

      i’d officially propose that those in the triangle between kansas, spring & georgia are petworth. (it seems silly to be one block from petworth metro and *not* be considered petworth).

      • Does anyone dispute that you are in Petworth? To me as far East as the 900 block is no question Petworth. And you’re a couple blocks from the Petworth library too, which surely has to be in Petworth, right?

        • the definition above disputes it, by bounding it to the west at georgia ave. also leaves several blocks of randolph, shepherd, and taylor in the lurch.

          • Yeah, I see that Wikipedia uses GA Ave as the western border as well. That just doesn’t make sense to me, though, that the Petworth library is actually located in 16th St Heights.

      • It’s not the Petworth Metro. The station was supposed to be in Petworth proper, but they didn’t want it, so it’s down at the very southern tip. That’s why Petworth got 2nd billing to Georgia Avenue in the name. Petworth is a huge, lovely, historic neighborhood with a totally different feel to the GaP area.

  • Call it South East Crestwood, that will piss off everybody.

    I also like Piney Town

  • I live on the 1300 block of Shepherd St, and according to the DC citizen Atlas ( its Petworth and according to this map ( its 16th Street Heights. I usually just say Columbia Heights/Petworth…its a mouthful but if you say 16th street heights, no one knows what you are talking about. If you say Petworth people accuse me of trying to “sound cool” (I guess cause I’m trying to be more “street” than the CH/MtP hipsters or something?) cause its west of Georgia Ave and if I say Columbia Heights people accuse me of lying cause its too far north.

    Regardless I’ve lived in the area for the past year and I love it. It’s a good mix of families, young professionals and older folks. It’s a quiet neighborhood, everyone is pretty friendly, and parking is never a problem. It’s not perfect, there are a few problem houses/establishments that ruin certain blocks, but if I had the money, I’d buy a house or condo here.

  • It’s 16th Street Heights.

  • NoSUpshur

  • How about Springshur? Sounds like a place I want to (I mean do) live!

  • I recently moved here to Shepherd st and I continue to stumble when people ask me what neighborhood I live in. The tax record is Columbia Heights and my house closer to the Petworth metro. I’ve been calling it Northern CH.

    What ever the name….so far its nice, low key, friendly and walkable to many desirable places. With the improvements to 14th st and GA ave, it will not be a no man/womans land forever.

    • It’s not the Petworth Metro. It is the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro. Welcome to the GaP.

      If you tell people CH, they’ll get out at the CH Metro and curse your name as they walk up the hill to your place. It’s going to be a 100 degrees tomorrow. Is that what you want?!?

      • Re: 100 degrees – I didn’t belive you given how nice it is now, but I checked the forecast and while Sat is only 89, Sun-Thurs the forecast is: 98, 98, 96, 97. 🙁 Not again!

  • With new residents perceptions formed by tax zones, random maps on wikipedia, and realtor listings…i’d like to hear what longtime residents think it is. or if they even feel the same kind of need to brand their neighborhood to tell their friends where they live.

  • Longtime residents just call it NW DC.

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