Dear PoP – “tree choppin’ in Mt Pleasant”

“Dear PoP,

You should check out Haydee’s Restaurant’s decision to go into the tree removal business.  Personally, I’ve thought that some of the recent controversies around their application for a nightclub license were overblown, but if the facts are accurate, this is a really arrogant and selfish action…”

From the Mt. Pleasant forum:

“Not sure if you are aware of this or not but Haydee’s cut down the tree in front of her business last Saturday. As of June 18th I had had two conversations with telling her that she could not do this w/o a permit that in most likelihood she would not get. She initially told me that she had planted the tree and because of that she was entitled to take it down. I of course did my own research and found that it was not the case.

Last night I met with MPMS and was told that the tree had mysteriously lost all of its leaves in the last week, I assured them I had photo of a healthy looking tree. We walked over there and were shocked to see the tree no longer there and the tree box covered.

I am told by other sources that another ANC supported these actions – I hope this is not true, this is a bad example to set for all the other businesses.

As you probably know Haydee’s withdrew her application for outdoor café. She would have gotten the permit but one of the conditions was that she remove two tables by her entrance to provide sufficient sidewalk space to pedestrians as they walked by the tree box, she refused and said that she wanted all the tables and did not understand why there needed to be 6’ of clearance.

I am enclosing some pics I took of the before and after.

Gabriela Vega
Transportation Planner, Ward 1”

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  • I really hope that it hasn’t come to this. I used to live at the end of that street and adored the flowers and trees along the sidewalk. One of my neighbors took it upon himself to plant flowers and add decorative rocks.

    That side of sidewalk is usually packed with loiterers and covered with funyun bags and loogies. Now there will be more room for that.

  • ah

    You also need a permit to plant a street tree. I wonder if the restaurateur can show one of those?

    And it is my understanding that it is technically illegal to remove even an entirely dead street tree. And I certainly wouldn’t want to debate DDOT (or whoever) on whether a tree was “dead” or “mostly dead” or “sort of alive” or “barely hanging on.”

    • Um, and you definitely can’t cover up a tree box with bricks. The tree box belongs to a city – and the tree should be replaces. I hope the city comes back with a new tree box double the size of the old one and plants a nice new tree this fall.

      captcha – “craniums Plant”

  • I hope the fine for doing something like this outweighs any benefit they could get from it. If I lived closer to Haydee’s I would be much more angry.

  • Can I go dig up the bricked over planter box and throw the bricks through their window?

    I have no idea what this business is, but the owner sounds like a jerk.

  • sucks to get caught, doesn’t it?

  • I’m going to boycott Haydee’s. I think the food there is decent, the margaritas great, but I won’t go back unless/until she replaces the tree.

    • I’ll second the call for a boycott. I eat at Haydees fairly regularly, but I will not be going until they replace this tree. In a city where only a few trees actually survive their first several years, it’s tragic to lose one that has actually made it.

    • I’ve been de facto boycotting this place for years, precisely because the food and the margaritas are TERRIBLE.

    • BOYCOTT, definitely. All she cares about is her bottom line? Great…that’s where she’s gonna feel it after this dumbass, self-absorbed move.

  • Sidenote: is that the A-Team van in the background of the “before” shot?

    • (Ten years ago / In 1972), a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem tree, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The A-Team.

  • Looks like it was a sycamore. Messy trees.

    I agree that the owner should be fined, or feel neighborhood pressure, and should replace the tree. I just hope she picks something a little tidier than the previous one.

    • ah

      True, although they grow fast and do well in urban environments. No surprise the city plants a fair number of them.

    • wdc and all the city official Gabriela Vega know the tree
      was mark dead by the city on june 3oth 2010 to be remove
      like 10 more tree in mt pleasant st and we have in mt pleasant many empty tree boxes ddot and GABRIELLA VEGA NEVER PAY ATENTION TO THAT.thae picture that you see is
      old picture

  • Has someone already reported this properly so that it gets fixed and Haydee’s has to pay for all of the work?

  • hey PoP,
    if you don’t mind the suggestion, a tab in the menu header for “renovation” would be useful.

  • Why are you needlessly meddling in other people’s affairs? Its just a tree. Hack them all down.

  • of all the tragic shit that goes down in this city, you people are focusing on one tree getting axed? seriously?

    • We’re equal opportunity judgers and we have to take a break from all the life or death questions we debate sometime.

    • First one tree, then two, then all up and down the block until someone has to put in oversized ‘H’ things planted with crab grass just to fill space. I’ve seen it happen.

      • My god those H’s are ugly. They want you to ‘adopt’ them now. I’d rather have a bonfire with them.

    • exactly. Not too many tears for Southeast drivebys round these parts.. but a tree? and its bedlam.

        • I’m aware that you post crime stats seemingly daily, but the responses that they garner pretty much revolve around the poster’s own personal safety and little to no sympathy for the victims at hand. I’m fairly certain this post about a tree will yield more outrage than the next shooting post.

          • A lot of people can’t relate to it.

            I’m not sure it’s a lack of sympathy as much as a lack of anything constructive to say about it. You can argue about boycotting a business, what is there to argue about when someone gets shot?

          • ah

            I am very sad for the tree’s demise. I am also sad for the family of trees surrounding it that no longer have this tree in the family.

          • Because we have control over this but don’t have control over the other.

            that’s like saying that posts about responsible dog ownership will outtrump posts about Darfur, well DUH.

          • My god man are you serious?
            everyone gets devastated by murder. what is there to say though? how large a discussion can we have beyond expressing condolences. if you have solutions to end violence, speak the hell up and we’ll talk about.

            but if you want to just bitch about not hearing things in a way you’d like to, then tough shit.

          • +1, Anonymous @12:33 PM

          • Also, the argument “this isn’t important enough to talk about because there are other more important things to talk about” is pretty tired, no? Instead of talking about something, let’s first talk about whether it’s important enough to talk about relative to all the other things we could talk about…

    • another ignorant fool.

    • We in Mount Pleasant are on alert to see if Don Juan’s will chop down the bus shelter in front of his business. He’s already asked the city to move it so HE can put more tables out!

      • Is that the real reason why the ANC is trying to re-route the buses off of Mt. Pleasant St?! Politicans in the pocket of business owners.

  • Well, I don’t know all the facts, so I’ll just say that this seems pretty sketchy. For all the talk of improving the MtP business district, many of these businesses do a very poor job of making themselves attractive to customers.

    On the other hand, at least I’ll now have room to walk around the ever-present random group of people blocking the sidewalk in front of Haydees.

    Captcha: “any blights”. I would say, yes.

  • People like the Haydee’s owner are what keep Mt. Pleasant sucking. Seriously, crackhead, did you honestly think cutting down shade would really be a good move for your little patio seating venture?

  • Supporting a boycott until the tree comes back. So about 15 years or so.

    Good luck Haydee.

  • one great thing i love about the mt. pleasant neighborhood part is all the beautiful trees and shade. contrast that to columbia heights 14th streetscape which is a blazing hot concrete desert. if anything the city should be planting tons of trees all the time. trees make the city a more livable place. trees take a very long time to grow and the one in front of haydees was a decent size. the owner should be fined, and the tree box w/ tree put back. come on mt. pleasant anc!

  • That tree was beautiful – and the grass around it was actually thriving! It is a shame to lose it – many of the sidewalk trees in Columbia Heights can’t grow grass in due to trampling, trash, etc. I’m also boycotting Haydees – definitely not a constructive member of the neighborhood!

  • Besides this being an incredibly selfish act by that owner, I think it’s worth noting that Haydee’s food is absolutely awful and has been for many years. I don’t know why people eat there, and there is certainly less reason to now.

    • Come ON, I’ve gotten very well made food from Haydees. It’s not amazing, but I know I know better food than you do.

      • fajitas aren’t bad. but whoever thinks those margharitas are good is crazy. the mix is straight out of a bottle bought at linnens n’ things.

    • +1 bland Salvadoran take on TexMex. Extremely overrated

  • supposedly, mr. graham is siding with the restaurant on this!!! send him your messages directly about your dissatisfaction.

  • I have a tree exactly like that one, and every summer when it gets hot, it looks terrible. The bark sheds, the leaves curl up and most of them fall off, and the seed pods are shed. That photo was clearly taken before the June/July heatwaves. Now, mine looks like it’s dying off. They do in fact lose a lot of leaves when it gets hot, though they recover in the fall or spring.

    It’s a shame the tree got cut down, it really is, but really the city needs a different type of tree that provides more shade and is more resistant to summer heat.

    Maybe they can put a new tree box in a bit closer to the bus stop.

    • I think the point was that the tree got cut to allow this place to get a patio. The species of the tree is somewhat irrelevant.

      • We definitely need to keep Ragged Dog on speed dial, so you can prejudge relevance for the rest of the commentariat.

    • I have a fix for your problem: water the tree.

      • Doesn’t seem to help. I think it’s a wilting from the heat, not lack of water, plus I think the leaves of this type of tree get a fungus in mid-summer. At least, that’s what UMD had on their website when I checked, but that may explain why MP Main St said “the tree had mysteriously lost all of its leaves”. It probably wasn’t actually dying, is my point.

  • Most of the businesses on Mt. Pleasant St. are dying. These are the last ditch efforts to stay in business.

    It is unfortunate that the tree was removed, but if it brings more business to the area in terms of outdoor seating etc., I am all for it.

    After all, if the Mt. Pleasant Street prospers, our property prices will go higher. The only people objecting to higher property prices are probably gonna be the yuppie hipsters here who are renting, and perhaps the same people posting here

    • That makes no sense Anonymous. Taking out a tree does not improve your business. If Haydee’s wants more customers, here’s new concept – oooh improve your business. Angelico’s Pizza is new, does a good business and hey, left the trees alone.

      • The closest trees to Angelico’s are across the street in Lamont park. They have more to fear from the ever expanding cork collection at Marx Cafe.

    • So if I own a house in Mt Pleasant, do I lose my status as a yuppie hipster? Can I just become a gentrifying hipster?

    • This is attracting clients through guilt??? Come to my business because you feel sorry for me? That’s good for one meal.

      To have staying power, you have to be attuned to your clients and your neighborhood, serve food people crave, provide a clean (and green is good)inviting environment and don’t take divisive actions (like cutting down a tree in a community that that has begged for trees) and then call your potential customers names.

  • sitting near or under tree in an outdoor cafe is much nicer than under the hot sun! all she was aksed was to reduce the amount of tables and she refused and instead took upon herself to destroy our public space.

  • OK now I’m making no sense. What I mean is, better quality = more sales. Fewer trees = grumpy neighbors / less business

  • In recent months it’s become clear that Haydee is out of control and possibly not really, um, “with it.” Her behavior has become increasingly erratic.

    However I used to know Jack McKay, you can just call the guy up and find out what the ANC thinks.

  • Another person boycotting Haydee’s until she restores the public treebox she illegally destroyed and apologizes to the community for her selfish arrogance.

  • Actually, Haydee has been involved supporting the community in Mt Pleasant, financially and otherwise. I would not jump into this without knowing exactly what is happening here.

    • Sarah, Haydee has been NOMINALLY connected into Mt Pleasant. NOMINALLY. She has done nothing major.

  • For those people who think “it’s just a tree…”, you should know that Haydee has not been playing nicely of late.

    She refused requests to explain her application for a nightclub license, and then refused to compromise to a tavern license. It’s her way or the highway, and we can all go eff ourselves.

    Now she does this. So yeah, you can see it as just a tree, but many residents see it as someone thinking she’s more important than the community she serves. (And seems to have the ANC supporting her every move, which we’re also tired of.)

  • Y’all are real wound up about this ONE tree.
    I’m pro-Haydees.
    Trees are very important to the city, but so is patio seating.

    • This wasn’t an either/or situation. There was still patio seating and a tree, just 2 fewer tables. This action is BS.

    • GA Ave you obviously work at Haydees on GA Ave…..

    • It is not ONE tree but the precedent it selfs for anyone to do whatever they want – no rule of law. DC gov has committed to having a 40% canopy in the upcoming years and cutting down tress does not contribute to that goal. In days like this would you prefer to be in the full sun or in a little shade? Just asking since I’ve been walking about and checking how people behave. We are talking streetscape here!

  • Interesting to hear so many strong opinions from those who want things to be a certain way.

    It’d be nice to hear from someone that actually adopted a tree box for a few years.

    Someone that planted and replanted season after season, weeded and cleaned on a regular basis, tolerated careless dog owners, not just a one time planting, but maintains regularly and still perseveres without any help from neighbors or the local government.

    You know some results oriented person that actually does something other than whining or opining on how things should be, or blame seekers slamming others.

    • ah

      I resodded the entire tree space/sidewalk median in front of my house, got 3 trees planted by the city*, and have been watering them since they ill-advisedly planted them in late May.

      *Well, one they stuck in front of my neighbor’s house.

    • um, I maintain the City’s tree and tree box in front of my house and I don’t make a weird/big deal about “adopting” a tree box.

    • saf

      How do you know who has and has not done such?

    • I can’t see Chloe’s link, but as I said upthread: my ex-neighbor did. He has a green thumb and good taste. The pretty box by the statue is his work (someone stole his decorative rocks 🙂 ). He goes to area nurseries and comes out of his own pocket. Not a stereotypical, white newbie yuppie. He’s a long time resident, working class black man who wants to see his neigborhood look pretty.

  • If I had to pick the tree or the restaurant, I would pick the tree. It’s just ONE restaurant.

    OK, just kidding, but seriously, the tree and the restaurant could have coexisted fine, but they cut it down to get space for maybe one more table. So it’s really a choice between the tree or a table. Not to mention Haydee’s doesn’t own the tree, the city does, and they don’t own the sidewalk either. Now they have also alienated many of their neighbors, many who will stop going to their restaurant. Bad choice on Haydee’s part.

  • And was it so hard to find all red bricks to match the rest of the sidewalk, if you are going to rub your intransigence in our faces? This just makes your guilt that much more obvious.

  • There is someone in Mount Pleasant, a resident, who has spent literally a decade of volunteer effort in trying to maintain the treeboxes on MtP Street in the face of complete merchant apathy. This resident also happens to live directly across the street from where Haydee Vanegas lives in MtP. By her selfish and greedy destruction of a public treebox, Haydee has deliberately insulted this woman–who is literally her neighbor– and made a mockery of this dedicated volunteer’s years of effort. Nice going.

  • I’m obviously not usually in favor of cutting down trees but the picture posted here does the tree too much justice. It was a mangled and dying tree for sure. Just look at the street view: Top of the tree branches are bare and dying. Plenty of other trees around. And if it gets MTP some much needed outdoor dining… then you can find me out there sipping on a frozen marg.,+Washington,+DC&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=28.805654,49.042969&ie=UTF8&hq=Haydees+Restaurant,&hnear=Washington,+District+of+Columbia&ll=38.929043,-77.037474&spn=0,0.002993&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=38.928964,-77.037446&panoid=kGlxo4Z5p63Bu_xTTgIrhQ&cbp=12,298.82,,0,-15

    • Mt. Pleasant isn’t a place where people, businesses or trees go to thrive, granted. Nevertheless, as a resident, I’d take a tree over expanded outdoor seating anywhere along that street. Even sickly trees are better looking than most of those buildings. Need a refresher?

      Yep, I think about 15 more trees along that stretch would do us all some good.

      • Not sure what our lovely shell of an apt building has to do with the tree in front of Haydees. But anyway. Ill take the outdoor seat and a cold tecate over a tree that likely wouldn’t have made it the summer given the heat and lack of rain we are having. Lets face it. Haydee did not cut down some majestic old elm tree here. It was a dying shrub of a tree. My neighbor in MTP recently paid a fine and cut down a HUGE old oak to make may for an addition off the back of his house. That I was upset about. This not so much. See you on the patio!

        • I’ll be one of the people accidently bumping your table or brushing my buttocks against your shoulder as I try to walk down an already narrow area of public (not Haydee’s patio) property.

          • You can brush your buttocks upon me all you want. Depending on the size and shape I may even give you a sip of my Tecate. See. Haydees outdoor patio is already bringing the neighborhood together!

        • She poisoned the well and salted the fields. Now a tree will never grow again. The tree looked sad. The sidewalk now looks sadder.

  • I like outdoor dining too. But the point you’re missing is that Haydees could still have outdoor dining, even with the treebox—just two less tables than she wanted. Destroying a public amenity for the sake of two more tables is a selfish act by someone who gives not a whit for the community as a whole and cares only about lining her own pocket.

  • So many trees are chopped down every day for so many different reasons. Why are people so concerned about that one tree.

    Tree or no tree.. I highly doubt the outdoor seating at Haydee’s would be successful with the noise and so much street traffic.

    I would hate to sit outside there.

    • People are so concerned because Haydees cut the tree down without a permit, and then lied about it saying she had one, and she said that she planted the tree, and she did not–another lie…and she did it for her own selfish reasons.

      That’s the issue here.

      • Has anyone proven she didn’t have a permit yet? Perhaps she didn’t and sure that’s messed up. But the knee jerk reaction to this tree is just amusing. I beg you all again to look at the street view. The picture provided to POP was purposefully taken to make the tree look good. Leaving out the top half of the tree which has no leaves. If Haydee hadn’t cut it down the city probably would have this fall.

        • Again, you are missing the point. Dying or not, she took it into her own hands, something she shouldn’t have done. She broke the law. Further, she’s already spoken lies to a number of people trying to cover up what she did.


        • oh good lord! Clearly you have never tried to get a permit to cut down a tree owned by DC. Such permits are not issued. period.

          Here’s a better question, ask me if I have a permit to take over your property you own and have me evict you. Can you prove I don’t have a permit to do so? After all the city can, under certain conditions, perform eminent domain. Can you prove I don’t have a permit to take over your private property?

          She did not have a permit ok? If I’m proven wrong I will go spend $500 at Haydee’s.

          I beg you to ignore the street view and stop telling me that my eyes were bad as I drove past that tree every weekday for the last 7 years! One bad couple of months does NOT mean that tree was dying. sheesh!

  • while this is suprising, the president of h.m.p. has been after me to cut down the two trees in my front yard since i moved to MP four years ago….her reason? so my neighbors across the street cold have a better view of my lie…can we shut her down??

  • I live in Mt. Pleasant and the main street looks like crap anyway. Also, Haydees is awesome so they can do pretty much whatever they want as far as I’m concerned.

  • DC Code says Haydees broke the law.

    Current Section § 22-3310. Destroying trees

    It shall be unlawful for any person willfully to top, cut down, remove, girdle, break, wound, destroy, or in any manner injure any vine, bush, shrub, or tree not owned by that person, or any of the boxes, stakes or any other protection thereof, under a penalty not to exceed, for each and every such offense:

    (1) In the case of any tree 55 inches or greater in circumference when measured at a height of four and one half feet, $15,000 or imprisonment for not more than 90 days, or both; or

    (2) For vines, bushes, shrubs, and smaller trees, $5,000 or imprisonment for not more than 30 days, or both.

    • This was what I was told when the tree in the tree box in front of my home really did die. It even sported the orange dot of death for so long that it completely washed off. I called DPW to inquire about having it taken down myself and the person on the phone informed me of the $15k fine. I am appalled that the ANC did not ask to see the permit not only for cutting down the tree which they do not generally grant or the permit to brick over the tree box prior to endorsing Ms. Venengas in her criminal activity. To this day Jack MacKay is defending his decision to endorse her activity even though he or any other member of the ANC did not perform due diligence.

      • Apparently not just Jack McKay…the Grahamstander has intervened and asked DDOT NOT to plant a new tree…and Graham gets the Sierra Club endorsement, sheesh…

  • The business owner had no right to remove a tree and BRICK OVER the tree box. I wouldn’t be so pissed if perhaps the tree box were moved and a new tree planted but honestly people. BRICKED OVER! This is right around the corner from my house and I call foul. Completely unsupportable.

  • Yes, IF the tree was dying and IF she had a permit she would be allowed to cut down the tree. And then the city could replace the tree in the fall.

    The permit would not include taking out the treebox entirely.

    • No, she would NOT get a permit to cut down the tree because the tree was on PUBLIC land. The street trees belong to the city. If you own property in DC you would know this – your property ends where the sidewalk begins.

      Also if the tree was diseased then the city should cut it down and replace it with a new tree. What Haydee’s wants to do is irrelevant because they don’t own it.

  • The Sycamore Tree was not diseased. That is what they do as a species – shed bark and leaves in summer, and produce leaves later in the spring than most other trees.

    The nonprofit/tree protection group Casey Trees ( here in DC should be notified of this.

    • Yeah, I had recently learned this when I was reading up on sycamores, as my neighbor has a lovely sycamore in front of their house.
      Sure, sycamore’s require a fair amount of maintenance between shedding bark, bulbs and leaves, but in my opinion they are worth it.
      It’s especially galling that instead of merely removing the tree, Haydee’s it bricked over the treebox. Not the way to be improving Mt. Pleasant.

  • That tree was planted at the same time all the other sycamores on the street were planted. The removal of it is a felony as defined by the DC Code below. She cut it supposedly because she was not happy with the Public Space Office wanting to have 6 foot clearance on the sidewalk for her proposed cafe (the minimum allowed under law) a bigger question is when did the Committee drop its long standing 10 foot clearance requirement?

    § 22-3310. Destroying trees or protections thereof on public grounds.

    It shall be unlawful for any person willfully to top, cut down, remove, girdle, break, wound, destroy, or in any manner injure any vine, bush, shrub, or tree not owned by that person, or any of the boxes, stakes or any other protection thereof, under a penalty not to exceed, for each and every such offense:

    (1) In the case of any tree 55 inches or greater in circumference when measured at a height of four and one half feet, $15,000 or imprisonment for not more than 90 days, or both; or

    (2) For vines, bushes, shrubs, and smaller trees, $5,000 or imprisonment for not more than 30 days, or both.

  • I’ve been a long-time fan of Haydee’s, but if this story is true, the behavior is ridiculous. People are really arguing that it’s ok for a business to destroy public property to make room for more profit-making in public space, or out of revenge for not getting a permit approved? She should be fined and ordered to restore the tree box and pay for a new tree of at least the same size.

  • haydee cut down the tree because she is trying to get an outdoor seating permit (and a night club license). this all boils back down to the War in Mt Pleasant between the fucking crazies that have nothing else to do because they live blocks away from the actual street.

  • Jim Graham just lost my vote. Not over the tree per se, but over his willingness to put a campaign supporter over law and the city’s regulations. And Haydee just destroyed any wavering support for her nightclub application. And the ANC’s flimsy request for a non-binding pledge from Haydee to uphold her current business (and not expand it into a true nightclub) is now patently meaningless. Clearly, she will do what she wants and lie about it. I’m a long standing resident of MtP who wanted to believe her, and now I never will. And you’re right, the food is awful.

  • The Mount Pleasant ANC knew nothing of this until this past Tuesday evening. Haydee Vanegas assured us that she had gotten permission to remove the tree. That was quite a surprise, as I noted at the meeting, because I know that getting permission to remove a street tree is no easy thing.

    We’re still investigating this matter, and “the ANC” is divided on whether the tree removal was desirable or not (but what we think doesn’t matter). I’m afraid Haydee misinterpreted something said to her, and this is going to be very troublesome.

    The tree was a pretty pitiful specimen.

    • FYI, a photo of the tree, taken a few days before its abrupt disappearance.

      • “abrupt disappearance” ?

        Is that code for “cut down illegally by business owner so she could add two more tables to her outside seating”?

    • Trees lose their leaves in extreme heat, some may lose more than others.

      That doesn’t mean the tree should be cut down.

      But the condition of the tree isn’t relevant. Cutting down a city tree is illegal and it looks like Haydee was told she could not cut it down. But she did anyway.

    • Sorry–it doesn’t matter whether the tree removal was desireable. Why the ANC is focused on that is a big part of its problem.

      What matters is whether Haydee respects and obeys the law, and whether she tells the truth. Apparently she doesn’t and this should heavily inform the ANC’s evaluation of whether to accept her word that she won’t behave like the nightclub she wants to be. The ANC should withdraw its support for the nightclub in light of this news, since their support was predicated on a verbal agreement to function as a restaurant. That now cannot be trusted.

      • Agree.

        It’s the city arborists that determine if a tree should be removed, not a business owner. Or the ANC.

    • Haydees doesn’t misinterpret ANYTHING. It’s all an act. She claims Latina whenever and wherever she can.

      It doesn’t matter whether the tree looked “pitiful”, the tree was ALIVE and now it is DEAD.

    • Jackson, stop patronizing us and take this seriously.

  • Ok, so someone needs to file a police report.

  • What’s rubbing a lot of Mount Pleasanters the wrong way is that a handful of businesses do whatever the Hell they want, with the backing of the lapdog ANC, regardless of the interests of the neighborhood. This is not a renter v owner or white v Hispanic issue. Whether its the Bestway using public space as its trash bin, trying to eliminate the ban on single sales, supporting Haydees nightclub application or this, the ANC immediately comes to the defense of these businesses. It would be less pathetic if they were just taking bribes from the businesses, but I doubt our commissioners are even that savvy. And, while all of these stupid fights go on, the ANC has done nothing to push for reconstruction of the Deauville and wastes thousands of dollars on legal advice regarding liquor laws that would be much better spent providing services to the community (real services, like healthcare, substance abuse counseling, etc.

      • yes, well said “a handful of businesses” is all that is left on mt. pleasnt st. thanks to backward thinking neighbors and their fear of change. they are whining loudly but i suspect secretly very happy with what went down….more ammunition ..more reason to keep mt pleasant moving in a backward direction.

    • Thank you for bringing the Deauville up.

  • It’s time to form a protest, it’s time to paper the neighborhood with this information. Print out photos of the tree. Print out photos of the removed tree box.

  • I sincerely wish the displaced residents of the Deauville received as much sympathy as that tree does; a tree whose unfortunate demise (without proper protocol?) was made in an attempt to liven up the skid-row which is MtP street. The 7 empty storefronts are more of a blight to the neighborhood than the cutting of single tree.

    Boycott Haydee’s and with enough spite MtP will become a proper wasteland where trees and tumbleweed can prosper.

    You people are so, so dumb.

    • Prince Of Petworth
      • No too much outrage in those comments. Quite a few people who don’t want to pay for public housing. But a cut tree makes folks furious.

    • No, as I recall the residents of the Deauville received a great deal of support from the community.

      The demise of a healthy tree was made to liven up the profit of one business, not for the greater good of the community.

      I don’t see the number of postings as simply sympathy for the tree [although cutting down a healthy tree is wrong] but rather outrage that a business owner so blatantly flouts the laws.

      Interesting that there is no response from the ANC, nor from CM Graham’s office. Both are said to be involved in supporting Haydee’s action

    • you must not know anything about MTP to make such a dumb statement newbie. The Deauville residents didn’t just receive sympathy, I know several families who received hundreds of dollars each from a fund. Sympathy gets you nowhere, the Deauville residents got cash.

      you are really unbelievably dumb, you screwed up so badly.

  • Perhaps if we could summon the same amount of outrage or the same neighborly vigilance against real serious crime and other tolerated errant behavior against an urbane life in the city as the offense of this tree box removal, maybe then some real neighborhood progress could be made here.

  • neener,

    Read again.

    Maybe we could really accomplish something more productive in making for a our city life not just urban, but urbane and civilized if we as citizens and neighbors could summon the same amount of outrage or the same amount of neighborly vigilance against real serious crime and other criminal and errant behavior as with this offense of an unauthorized tree box removal.

  • It’s a poor example of Latin food. Fat, frying and carbs.

    This is not a restaurant to to get romantic about. They have reduced the street scape and made their space less attractive. And they have thumbed their nose at the very limited planning and merchant coordination on the street

  • Here’s one.

    Neighbors planted the boxes and Haydee wasn’t willing to water or weed it. Or clean the area around her entrance. And then whined that the community didn’t support her business. Hummmm

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