Dear PoP – Remove Lost Dog Signs When Dog is Found

Photo by PoPville flickr user Tyrannous

“Dear PoP,

On July 25th you were kind enough to alert readers to a missing dog in Columbia Heights. I had seen the signs around my block and was delighted to read an update on your blog that the dog and owner had successfully been reunited. As a dog owner, I can barely imagine how upsetting it must be to have your dog go missing. That being said-I naturally assumed that the owner of this dog, overcome with the exuberance of being reunited with their beloved best friend, would take the time to walk back through the neighborhood and remove the signs that are plastered on every street corner. I feel that it is disrespectful to enlist the help of the community and then to spit in its face once you have achieved your objective.

I’d like to kindly suggest that the owner take their dog on a well deserved victory lap around Columbia Heights and remove all evidence of the traumatic event.”

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  • That is the coolest dog ever!

  • I agree, but I wouldn’t call neglecting to remove the signs as “spitting in the face of the community”. It’s annoying and lazy, a bit neglectful and could be interpreted as ungrateful perhaps, but describing it as spitting is just too much.

    Having said that, let’s also include crappy, expired band flyers on that list.

    Also: aaaaargggg! the Captcha is back! umph.

  • Can we ask all the failed politicians to remove their signs promptly too? Carol Schwartz had a sign on 16th St into this calendar year I believe.

  • Biggest offenders I see are yard sale signs, and posters for political rallies/marches that have long since occurred. Yes, please take down old posters when they’re beyond the expiration date, so to speak. 🙂

    • at least those have a date, so you know when the sign is no longer relevant. weather worn lost pet signs are the worst, because whether the pet is found or not, the reader assumes the worst…

  • The rally/march posters are annoying, but its pretty commonplace for visiting “activists” to treat DC like shit (and yes the environmentalists are some of the worst offenders). I do expect more from members of our community though.

  • This note is ridiculous.

  • I agree with this post, they should be removed by the owner in a timely manner.

  • Didn’t this come up before council a while back? I seem to recall a discussion here or on another blog about fining event planners, activists, bands, or whomever for keeping posters up after a certain date.

    At least with events and election campaigns there is an end date. See one of those, just do your part by ripping it down and cleaning up. With a missing dog poster, I wouldn’t take it down for fear the dog is still missing. I know Leo, for instance, was found ok from PoP, but if I didn’t know better, I’d assume from the sign still up at 17th and Kalorama that he’s still at large. Not to single his owner out, but I pass the sign every day going to and from work.

  • I like to call these people at 3:30 am and wake them up all breathless and excited – “Hey I found your dog!!!!” and then when they tell me that the dog has already been found I ask them why the signs are still up. That usually does the trick.

  • Let’s not forget “open house” signs

  • The dog owner is a friend of a friend of a friend, etc. and I’ve asked, politely, that they take down the signs. I’ve also been taking down the ones I encounter.

    The emailer goes a little overboard with saying that not taking down the signs is spitting in the face of the community, but I agree with the general sentiment.

  • I don’t agree that it is spitting int eh face of the community I think it is worse than that. I take them down on my block whenever I see them regardless of date.

  • The OP obviously has either never been spat on or a huge fan of hyperbole…

  • I’d add “No Parking” signs when you move. How hard is it to pull down some signs before you pull your truck away?

  • Clearly, the solution is vigilante justice. As mentioned upthread, repeated calls at socially inacceptable times (or just whenever you pass the sign) should have good effect.

  • How about pull it down yourself… I pick up trash along the side walks, on the poles, and in the street any chance I get.

    If the sign is old, faded, and more that a few weeks old or not dated, its trash.

    Be good citizens.

  • who cares

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