Dear PoP – Parking Pay By Phone in Dupont

“Dear PoP,

Have you seen these signs in Dupont on Q St, NW across from Teaism, to pay to park? I didn’t think I had seem them on your blog. Just curious if anyone has used them?”

Hmm, we spoke about the pilot program but I think these just rolled out this week. It looks pretty easy. Has anyone given them a shot?

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  • It works very well, is fast and easy.

  • Once. I spent 8 minutes on hold and was on my way back from my destination when I gave up.

  • I don’t have a cell phone.

  • How do the parking enforcers know you’ve paid?

  • I tried the pay by phone thing last weekend downtown and it didn’t work. The message I heard was that paying by phone wasn’t available at that time of day. Seems pretty lame, but I’m not surprised it doesn’t work. Half the meters in this town don’t work, either.

    • ah

      rush hour parking restrictions perhaps?

      The parking vending machines with tickets don’t accept payment outside the legal, paid hours.

      • It was actually at 6:00 on Saturday evening, and I’m almost certain that all the street parking spaces in that area are metered until 10 PM everyday. Maybe DDOT neglected to let the pay by phone people know about this. I had no problem paying with the multi-space meter.

      • That’s not true– I’ve parked close to the end of paying hours, say at 6:00pm in a spot that is free after 6:30, hit the “max time” button, and got charged through 8:00pm. Serves me right for being lazy I guess.

  • I’ve used it and it works fine. Once you have an account, you just put their phone number into your speed dial. It recognizes your account from the phone you called from. You put in your location code and then the number of minutes you want to park. Easy. I even tried it on a day when parking fees were not required, and it told me what Jack Rod Minster said above. So it won’t let you pay if payment isn’t required. It’s a good deal! And, you can use the same function in other cities that also use the “pay-by-phone” system.

  • Yeah, but isn’t there a fee to use it?

  • You only get charged for what you put on the meter.

    I used it once but there was no indication on the meter that I’d paid–i.e. the meter was still flashing EXPIRED. As has been discussed around these parts, disputing a ticket rarely if ever works out and I can’t afford a ticket right now so I scrounged around my car for quarters just to be sure.

    Does anyone know if parking enforcement has a way of knowing you’ve paid by phone even though the meter says expired–or did I just encounter a malfunctioning meter? It did take my quarters.

  • has anyone gotten a ticket even though they paid by phone. the ticket is for failing to display the reciept, but when you pay by phone there is no receipt.

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