Dear PoP – Lawn Mowing Services for Small Yards

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“Dear PoP,

I recently started renting a townhouse with a yard that’s got to be barely over 100 square feet. I don’t have a pushmower, and I’m not sure where I’d put one if I did. I’m wondering if your readers know of any inexpensive mowing services? The job would take less than ten minutes, and I can’t be the only one in this boat.”

Any suggestions? I’m also curious how much you pay? If you have a phone number for your service, please also leave in comments.

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  • I’ve been wondering this as well. It seems silly to pay someone $25 to run their mower over a tiny rectangle of lawn.

  • Marvin will do it.

    • +1 If you live anywhere near Marvin (Irving and Sherman) he’ll do it for a fair price.

      Otherwise, just get a cheap battery powered weed wacker/trimer for home depot, store it wherever you store your broom and mop, and use it for your yard.

  • I had the same situation when I moved into my house – small front yard that needed mowing.

    I bought an inexpensive ($25 or so) weed eater and a heavy duty extension cord. Works great.

    • ditto on weedeater

    • Double ditto – an easy to use electric weedwhacker can be had from Home Depot for about $40, plus maybe you’d need an extension cord? Rinse it off or put it in a garbage bag (because of the clippings) and then keep it with the broom & mop.
      What about planting a perennial or vegetable/herb garden with a few stepping stones laid down the middle? Maybe a cross design with one quarter permeable pavers so you have room for a couple of chairs? You could also used salvaged bricks or pea gravel?

  • The hardware store next to Whole Foods on P street sells inexpensive ($200) electric mowers that are lightweight, safe, cute and snappy. They provide a nice even look and with a lawn that size, one should last into eternity. It’s a little pricy but you then have the satisfaction of not paying $15-25 for the next several years – which would add up to much more. They also fold down like a suitcase for easy storage. I can’t remember the name. Black and Decker has some electric models too. I have an electric mower and I LOVE it!

  • There’s a local Petworth service but they have a minimum of $35 per visit, which probably only makes sense if you have a front and back yard to mow, which we do. Would you be interested in this one?

  • I lived in a rowhouse for a few years with a tiny front yard, and a average sized backyard. We had a pushmower, but usually we’d wait too long for it to really be effective. Then we bought a weed whacker off of craigslist–really quick and easy job after that. Don’t forget to get a rake too!

    • You can also look on freecycle for a weed whacker or reel mower.

      No need for a rake unless the grass clippings are really thick. The clippings will decompose and return nutrients back into the soil.

  • ah

    Sears sells reel mowers as do a bunch of other places. Or order one online.

    The problem with anything larger is storing it. A reel mower can be put in a closet even.

  • Get a reel mower. They take no gas or oil and you can get one on CL for about $40.

    • Have you ever tried using a reel mower? They’re worthless.

      • ah

        Try sharpening it.

        They don’t do too well if you let the grass get really long. But if you can’t mow 100 sq. ft. once/week (5 minutes tops) then you really should just give up on having any kind of lawn

  • You could replace the small patch of grass with a ground cover, such as pachysandra or creeping myrtle to avoiud having to mow or weed.—-PACHYSANDRA-terminalis

    If you still choose grass, please do use a reel mower to avoid loud, dirty, carbon-emitting gas-powered mowers.

    Good luck!

  • I’d recommend you get rid of your grass. Even if you aren’t a gardener and don’t want to maintain a garden, you could plant low maintenance shrubs. Overall it would be much less work to maintain than a yard that needs to get mowed every week or so.

    • +1

      If you don’t like to mow, then get rid of the grass. Not being preachy, just questioning the value of something you’re not all that into.

  • I use a weedeater. I get that it’s not the amount of space to mow as much as the driving, parking, hauling the mower back and forth, coordinating times/payments, etc that would justify a minimum of 35-25 dollars even if they clipped just one blade of grass.

  • Wierd, usually there is someone in the neighborhood that will do a small lawn for a small amount of money. I usually pay 15-20 bucks for a neighbor to mow a tiny bit of lawn in front and a 20×40 ft lawn out back.

  • There should be someone in your neighborhood that does this for like $10 or $15. Get to know your neighbors. Ask them.

  • I dont like cutting the grass, so we mulched it! Now no worries about cutting the grass!

  • Is there a neighbor close by who has a yard that they mow? Maybe they would be willing to lend you theirs if you chip in a few dollars for gas every month.
    We just landscaped our postage stamp- no more weed whacking!

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