Dear PoP – Irony

“Dear PoP,

I was a bit miffed to see the city thought it was necessary to block off an entire sidewalk in order to put up a road sign. I saw one elderly lady walk out onto the curb around the lamppost to get by. This is on Randolph Street, westbound from Georgia Avenue, in what I consider primarily a walking neighborhood. There is some irony that the sign is for “no thru traffic” directed at motorists and actually creates the exact same problem for pedestrians. I think they should have at least put another sign on the corner of the intersection warning pedestrians that the sidewalk is closed to pedestrian traffic.”

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  • slow day out there?

    • Must be…

      How about – No thru foot traffic, skateboard traffice, Bike traffic, drug traffic, car traffic, etc, etc, etc…

      Really… maybe there is a big hole that the other end the woman may have fallen in and they were out of one of the above signs…

  • mountain molehill thing

  • Move the sign for the old lady, then. They aren’t that heavy and certainly aren’t tied down.

  • Move the sign three feet to the left. Problem solved.

    There are very few instances where we have the ability clean up after unthoughtful city employees. This is certainly one of them.

  • Ha! I passed that sign about 90 minutes ago and someone had knocked it down and put it in the alley.

  • why didnt you just move it!!???

  • Is it possible the sign was originally in the street where that dark-colored car is parked, and that it was moved to the street by the driver?

  • I can relate. There’s a similar sign in the treebox next to where I usually park my car. If I move it towards the street, no one can park there. If I move it towards the sidewalk, no one can walk there. And if I leave it where it is, my kids are likely to gash their heads open on the edge of the sign when they’re getting into or out of their car seats. (Won’t somebody think of the children?)

    Smaller signs please.

  • The times we live in are very litigious.

    A landlord, I’ve had dozens of slip and fall lawsuits in front or on my properties over more than 30 years that my liability insurance companies eventually settle with the claimant for a sum that’s less than it would cost to try the case.

    I presently have one case pending in D.C. Superior Court for a slip and fall that allegedly occurred on the sidewalk in front of one of my properties in the February blizzard.

    I’m prepared. I have a dated photograph from the morning of the alleged incident. I snap a couple quick pictures after I shoveled. This has now come to be routine for me.

    Our latest report finds this allegedly injured party is related to several others including one that sued me in 2005 and yet another in front of another property down the street in 1999.

    Yes, there are actually people who particularly look for just the right place to slip and fall. I’ve actually witnessed this happen once a few years ago with cries of whiplash to the neck, etc., until the ambulance arrived.

    This is how it’s handled in the private sector and all of us have to pay raised insurance rates on our homeowners policies and special multi peril policies on rental and commercial properties to pay for this fraud and dishonesty of people who just won’t work to provide for themselves and conjure up these things and who knows what else.

    If we only knew how many slip and fall lawsuits are settled out of court in this manner for people who more easily sue the public sector city government where our public till is so abused and exploited particularly now with this group of free spenders we have now in the District Building since Home Rule.

  • Maybe you should have been neighborly, offered some assistance to the woman instead of watching and getting a snarky…

    This is a bad posting…

    The sign in the photo is not in the correct place it should be in the alley. If the source of the photo walks the streets in question and is aware of there surroundings, they would know that sign actually is for the alley which is closed to thru traffic while construction is underway at on the new building being built at Quincy St and Georgia Ave.

    I will get a message to the developer and the contractors to make them aware of the issues today and make sure that its placed in the correct location.

    And a little more common sense is needed before people go flying all off the handle.

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