Dear PoP – I Found a Sweet Bike

“Dear PoP,

This is the bike that my dog and I found in Rock Creek Park. It was clearly ditched there. I called MPD and they will pick it up but don’t have a list of stolen bikes to match it up. So, I thought I would send it to you in hopes that one of your readers is or knows the owner.”

If this is your bike please email me directly at princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll put you in touch with the reader who found it. Please note that there is a combination lock attached and you will have to have the combination to prove that it is yours. Thanks.

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  • Very good of you to go to the trouble – I’m wondering though, was MPD at all concerned that it may in fact not have been ditched but rather result from an injury-accident or attack on the person who was riding it?

  • While the MPD doesn’t have its own registry for bikes, but they refer folks to the National Bike Registry (, so maybe that would be another good place to look.

  • That looks like a nice little folding bike. They’re not cheap…hope it gets back to its owner.

  • Thanks for your comments. First, I will mention the possible attach issue with MPD. I already tried the National Bike Registry and only law enforcement can search. I also called the 800 number and left a message. And yes, it is a folding bike.

  • you may want to send around to the local bike shops too …

  • If that’s a Breezer bike, City Bikes in Adams Morgan sells that model- check with them.

  • That looks like a “Citizenbike Miami” to me. It is disturbing that this bike was abandoned in that park. I’ve seen bikes chained to a sign post, and left there for weeks, making me wonder why the owner hasn’t returned for it, and the first thoughts that come to mind is that “something happened” to them. Hopefully, the owner of this bike is OK.

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