Dear PoP – House Cleaning Services

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“Dear PoP,

Have you ever posted about recommended home cleaning/ maid services?

May be a good topic if you haven’t….and if you have any recommendations
it would be appreciated!”

Well, I’ve been very happy with PoP advertiser Upper Crust Maids. Who do you guys use?

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  • I’d be curious to hear prices from people too. I have a small house. Only 2 floors or about 900 sq ft would I need cleaned. 1 bedroom and one small kitchen. I would love a once a month cleaning but always figured it would bt too pricey to be worth it. 75-100 I think would be worth it for some surface cleaning. vacumme, dusting.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    I highly recommend Filipino House Cleaning Services.

    My experience has been nothing short of exceptional with them. They’re reliable, professional, fast, thorough and dog friendly.

    They come to my 3 floor Petworth rowhouse every 3 weeks for $100. A worthwhile price for sanity and order.

  • i would also love some place that i could pay to do a 330 sq ft studio once in a while — i can keep it relatively clean, but my vacuum and shower-cleaning abilities stink. seems like i’d end up paying the same as it would cost to clean a small house, though.

    • I would find someone else in your building that has a maid service they like. I can see a cleaner not wanting to come a long distance for a small job, but if you are just down the hall it would be easy and they would probably be able to give you a good price.

    • This is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for too. Someone to help me with the “deep cleaning” every other week or so. My apartment is 375 sq ft… I wonder what price range I should be expecting. I guess I’ll need to ask my building if they have any recommendations.

      • We pay $70 per week for a service to clean a 2-story 3BR 1BA house. The good price is because she comes every week; otherwise it would be $120 every 2 weeks. My guess is for a studio you could probably find something in the $40-80 range. I think prices vary a lot by the neighborhood and service.

  • We have used A&G Cleaning Service for three years and love them. It’s a family owned business and a member of the family is always with the team that comes to clean. We have a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom on U Street and it costs us $85/visit, every two weeks. They can be reached at (703) 591-5322. It’s a voice mail and you leave a message and they call back.

  • Our condo association (4 units) uses a women named Maris Moreno. I can’t remember the name of their company. They do the inside communal areas, the yard care and pick up the outside communal areas for $60 each time. We also use them for our planting and snow removal, but I know they do inside cleaning as well. Communications can sometimes be difficult but they do great work! Maris is at (202) 445-4685.

  • I have been happy with The Green Mop ( The website is a bit of an eyesore but they use “eco-friendly” products, which is important to me AND they did a great job, were efficient and friendly. I also liked that you can schedule everything online and pay by credit card.

  • I have been using Eco-Maid for almost a year now – every other week. I interviewed a ton of cleaners and they had the best service, price, and references I could find. They are based in Virginia, but they come up to Columbia Heights. I have recommended them to everyone that asks.


  • While I would love to use Upper Crust Maids, I won’t (and sometimes can’t, depending on who is being saved at the moment) due to their pit bull bans. Instead of creating a plan to keep their maids safe and comfortable in homes based on specific scenarios, they choose to not go to any home with a pit bull. Too bad it’s my tabby cat they need to be on the look out for.

  • I’ll second MB’s recommendation of The Green Mop — they did a great job with our place — we paid them $75 every other week for a 1-hour cleaning with a team of 2-3 people. They were always flexible on scheduling and very thorough.

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