Dear PoP – Grass going in at Georgia & Irving park

“Dear PoP,

I’m finally feeling excited about the progress of this park… I’d been desperately waiting for some greenspace here!”

This is the old Bruce Monroe School site. You can see some playground equipment in the background as well. Wow, this is wild.

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  • Odds that this space will eventually be turned back into a school as promised by Graham and others? Pretty slim.

    Odds that this space will be turned back into a school in time for the students that were displaced to a rat-infested, inferior school they now have to be bussed to? Zero.

    But yeah, the grass looks nice and the tennis courts will be lovely.

  • Without even going into what [email protected]:57 said (which I sadly tend to agree with), let’s talk about the maintenance for this new park.

    That grass is beautiful, but did they install a sprinkler system? Who is in charge of maintaining this “park”? Will DPR with an attrocious record for maintenance be responsible for this?

  • And that high-security fence makes the park look sooo inviting to the community.

  • I’m a block away, so I’m a piece of the community. The fence is pleasant, solid, well done. I’m just peeing unicorns that it isn’t a Cricket shop.

  • I agree with Money. Every DPR park renovation should have a mandatory sprinkler system. I would go so far as to hire someone with experience as a groundkeeper to head DPR. Making the parks beautiful and well-maintained is not difficult or costly.

    • Considering this park is to be temporary, a sprinkle system would be too expensive for the anticipated short term. When I spoke with Mayor Fenty the other day he indicated that since this was the largest consolidated plot on lower GA Ave, the city is looking for a development idea that could help revitilze the rest of the area. Part of the problem with revitlizing lower GA Ave is that there are very few large parcels available for development. When I brought up the Howardtown project he indicated that was a private project with HU and would likely be years before it ever saw progress.

      • Who owns the lot on the East side of Sherman between Barry and Euclid. It is such an eyesore.

        Also, what’s the story on the school on the other side of the street between 11th and Sherman and Clifton and Euclid? Is it in use? That is a huge piece of property.

        Both of the above properties have huge potential. I wish they would do something with them.

  • Is the grass field big enough for pickup neighborhood sports like football, soccer, and ultimate frisbee? Does anyone know whether it will be open to the public on weekends?

  • It will soon be a dusty dead patch full of soccer players.

  • Y’all are the complaining-est mofos. You complained cause the school wasn’t being demolished fast enough. You complain because there’s not enough greenspace in the area. The school is knocked down and there’s greenspace now. Just enjoy it for however long you have it.

  • I think that park is so beautiful. I hope it stays that way. It’s so much better than what was there.

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