Dear PoP – Adams Morgan Power Outage?

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“Dear PoP,

I can’t find anything on this, but there was some sort of large power outage on and around 18th Street last night. Seems the bars south of Kalorama had firemen come to evacuate them. Had you heard anything? At the time we were told there was a fire at the transformer.”

I didn’t see anything at Pepco or from DCfireems. Anyone from Adams Morgan know what happened?

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  • It was a hot mess there last night. We were sitting at Soussi at 18th & Kalorama last night (around 10ish, I think) when the power went out for an entire block (from Kalorama up to Belmont).

    A firetruck sat on the corner of 18th & Kalorama for some time and eventuall police put up tape across the street and didn’t allow anyone through.

    Bouncers at various bars said there had been a gas leak. Idk what really happened, but the bars w/ the outage did not resume power…resulting in all of the bar-goers from places like TomTom, Peyote, and Town Tavern to flock to all of the bars on Northern 18th St. Chaotic.

  • From the DCist anonymous tipline:

    There was some sort of explosion in adams morgan near 18th st. I spoke with the police officer there who said that he saw a manhole shoot in the air and fire coming behind it. ~ 10 pm friday night.

  • Sounds like a transformer explosion. The heat and high electric demand from supporting all of the air conditioning use really puts a strain on them. Plus the fact that most parts of our power grid are 35+ years old. We could really use investment in our aging electric infrastructure – not this smart grid BS but something that actually helps, like building new power lines and increasing the capacity of existing infrastructure.

  • I don’t think it was just Adams Morgan. There were outages in Columbia Heights and around the Chinatown area.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    9am Sunday morning:

    “PEPCO reports power to the area of 18th NW and Kalorama Rd. NW has been restored.”

  • According to the folks at Bourbon, after the power was out on Friday night, it came back Saturday around lunch time so they opened up again at 4pm Saturday only to lose power again between 8p and 9pm Saturday night. It was back on this morning and they were fully functioning, but needless to say it sucks for those affected bars and restaurants who lost power and essentially two nights of business and a Saturday brunch (for those that serve it).

  • We were at Dan’s Cafe while the power was out. They were using battery powered lamps and it was probably 95 degrees in there. Of course they were still serving. Eventually the cops kicked us out.

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