Dear PoP – 16th St, NW Construction?

“Dear PoP,

Is there any info out there on the construction currently going on between Euclid and Harvard on 16th Street this week? They’re working during rush hour and blocking multiple lanes of traffic. Each day this week my bus has taken twice as long to get to work because of this. Who at DDoT decided it would be find to close multiple lanes on
both 14th and 16th Streets at the same time for major roadwork?

Anyone know if this is a major project that will take some time? It could have serious implications for the commute down 16th street if this continues beyond this week.”

There were lots of details given yesterday about 14th and Park Road, NW. Anyone have details on the 16th St, NW between Euclid and Harvard construction?

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  • Per Alert DC (just received):

    Press Release; National Park Service

    National Park Service to Partially Close 16th Street, N.W. due to Scheduled
    Repairs and Restoration Project to Meridian Hill Park Wall

    Washington, D.C.—Beginning the week of Monday, July 12th, the National Park Service’s (NPS) Rock Creek Park and its contractor, The Christman Company of Alexandria, VA, will begin performing necessary stabilization work on the historic 35-foot- high retaining wall at Meridian Hill Park that borders northbound 16th Street, N.W. This historic wall is located on the west side of Meridian Hill Park near the intersection of 16th Street N.W.
    and Crescent Place Drive, N.W. Work on this project is expected to be
    completed in approximately three months.

    To ensure pedestrian and vehicular safety, the work will require closure of a portion of the northbound lanes of 16th Street, N.W. beginning the week of July 12, 2010. The work area will start near the bus stop on the northbound side of 16th Street, N.W., and continue approximately 600-feet northward. The resulting traffic shift will provide two lanes in both directions at all times. Parking along southbound 16th Street, N.W. will be eliminated adjacent to the work area.

    “We are pleased that the traffic adjustments required to perform this work, consisting of the repair and stabilization of this historic, 35-foot-tall concrete retaining wall, have been planned to minimize inconvenience to pedestrians and motorists,” said NPS Rock Creek Park Acting Superintendent Cindy Cox. “We hope all can agree this is worth the inconvenience this summer to ensure another 96 years of performance at this important capital area landmark.”

    The work area will be defined by traffic barriers, traffic cones, temporary signage, and traffic control panel signs. The work area on the north bound lane of 16th Street, N.W. will have traffic barriers with fencing on top along the traffic side of the work area. The work area will be enclosed with fencing at each end and along the curb area.

    Pedestrian traffic on the east side of 16th Street, N.W. will be restricted during the working hours of Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    This sidewalk will be open every afternoon after working hours and will remain open all weekend. During working hours, pedestrian traffic will then be redirected to the west side of 16th Street, N.W. at W and Euclid
    Streets, N.W. Excavation equipment and man lifts will be employed for
    this work. Some tree pruning will be necessary prior to the work to allow the equipment to fully access the wall.

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  • This is not going to be good for traffic. I ride my bike up and down that hill every day, and now it looks like i’ll be out of luck.

    However, I do not think that this is not the same construction project as the original question. I live right by there, but I don’t know anything about the work on 16th.

  • There’s been a chronic water leak in that area of 16th Street recently, maybe they’re fixing that? Nothing on WASA, er, sorry, DC Water’s website about it though.

  • My understand is that this is a DC Water project. I do not know the details, but I will try to find out how long it is going to take.

    Also, despite the traffic advisory from NPS,we have not yet issued a permit for that work to start on Monday.

    DDOT Communications Office

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