CVS at Georgia and New Hampshire Ave, NW Opens

It had that great new car smell and looks awesome. My first purchase? A bottle of water. If you come to the next PoP happy hour the second Thurs. in August (details soon) remind me to tell you stories of my walkabouts in the 100 degree weather. Good times, good times.

But back to the CVS, for real, the inside looks great. And the woman who came in behind me, went straight to the folks working behind the counter and said, “thank you so much for opening in our neighborhood”.

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  • Is that most of the store we are looking at? It doesn’t look as big as it does from the outside.

  • This is great news. But what about parking, if I’m driving home and want to stop there? The lot looks really small.

  • The lot might be really small, but most people will only stop there for 10-15 minutes, and a huge number of buyers will be walking (stopping in to/from the metro), so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • CVS treats its workers like crap. They make Wal-Mart look like the Feds.

  • Excelent, now I can purchase my GNC-type protein powders and other ancillary in the neighborhood

  • Yay, anything is an improvement over the check cashing place and bullet proof liquor store.

  • Thank goodness this one opened. There were only 25 current locations within a one to two mile radius of this one.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      A comment like this makes me realize you don’t understand the neighborhood at all. As you were.

      • Good call, Dan. Heh. As someone who lives across the street from this CVS…it’s a welcome addition.

  • Neighbors: the new CVS looks great! I hope management is able to keep it clean, organize and punks-free! and it does not become like the one in CH.

    Let’s help them keep the store clean and minimize crime. Make sure to report any suspicious activity (shoplifters!), if you see them call them out!

    We can make Petworth a beautiful and safe neighborhood if we unite against the bad apples.

  • Bought milk there the other night…I just wish it were open 24 hours (the other CVS further up GA Ave is..) – not sure why DC and points north can’t do 24 hour grocery stores or pharmacies. There’s just something comforting knowing something is open whenever you need it, but I guess it’d be a security threat?

  • Great to see CVS in the neighborhood. I do wish they had made a two story building with a little more architectural shimmer. I’m sure the apartments across the street wouldn’t let threat happen. Directly across from the metro, it doesn’t leave a powerful impression. Looks like a strip mall CVS carved into a wedge. I guess the good news is most of that is cosmetic and can be upgraded, except for the second story. Nice to have a pharmacy in walking distance. If you need to drive here, chances are you aren’t going to be a customer, especially in the future as Petworth grows. As for hours after midnight, I’ve been to the Georgia Ave. CVS late, not the friendliest time to shop.

  • Any info on why this store has no self-checkout stations, when all other new CVS stores I’ve visited have them? Would love to know if there is a legit reason, or is it related to fears of theft, etc.

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