Columbia Heights Not Getting Just a Dentist but an Urgent Care Center Plus 826 DC Confirmed in old Scores Space

About a month ago I mentioned that the retail space at 2750 14th St, NW was getting a dentist (next to the Dunkin Donuts). Turns out that in addition to a dentist they are getting an Urgent Care Center.

In other Columbia Heights Retail news, the scuttlebutt from last month that the non-profit group called 826 DC is coming into the old Scores retail space at the Columbia Heights Plaza has been confirmed. Some build out of the space is currently on going.

For those that missed the last discussion you can read more about this great group here.

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  • An urgent care center in the hood is stellar news! And, Medics USA takes most insurance! Definitely something needed in the hood (had hopes that the new CVS would have a MinuteClinic; doesn’t appear that way).

  • Finally a new business that can actually serve a need instead of another bar. Good news.

  • ummm, hate to be a copy editor, but it was actually the Score! place…Scores is a strip club in NYC often mentioned by Howard Stern

  • This makes me really happy. Not only are vacant spaces being filled, but with really quality tenants. Columbia Heights already has a good diversity of commercial occupants and now that diversity is even better. Smile!

    I do it all the time, but I’ll again harken back a decade ago when the opening of the CVS and 7-11 was heralded as a great step forward. Columbia Heights has come a long, long way.

  • Too bad Scores from NY is not coming to the Columbia Heights Plaza.

  • Not only are these tenants great in and of themselves, but they will both create daytime weekday activity in the central commercial corridor. Hopefully as more office / service tenants arrive, there will be a snowball effect, attracting a critical mass of people to the neighborhood outside of already super-busy weekends and evenings.

  • This is fantastic.

  • I checked out the 826 site and their volunteer orientations are booked until November. Guess that’s a good sign.

  • Wow. WOW. An urgent care facility is so, so welcome. This is one opening that actually makes me feel giddy. Urgent care has been difficult to find in DC.

  • this really is awesome – access to urgent, non-emergency care is entirely unavailable to anyone in this city regardless of income or location. Frankly, access to emergency care in this city is pretty awful.

    We need these clinics to take the pressure off EDs and primary care docs!

  • There’s another Medics USA in Dupont Circle – hopefully the one in CH will be an improvement. After a horrid experience at the Dupont Circle location, I’d be cautious about using them again.

  • Great news! This sure beats waiting 8 hours in a hospital ER for a sprained finger!

  • Annie: so… what was your bad experience at the Dupont Location? Anyone else have a good or bad experience with them?

    • A doctor who was both curt and creepy and prescribed the wrong* medication for my situation.

      Fortunately no ill after effects except a bad taste in my mouth.

      * after researching on line after appointment (based on curt and creepy and gut instinct) and consulting with my regular doctor on Monday

    • I went to the Dupont location once to have some routine bloodwork done and ended up having to go three times–first they forgot to request one of the necessary tests from the lab, then they lost the samples they drew. They kept losing my “yes, you may contact me over the phone” waiver, so I had to go in person to find out if the tests had been completed, which meant a 90 minute+ wait each time. They also screwed up the insurance paperwork and double-billed me.

      I hope the Columbia Heights one is better?

  • I’ll join the chorus in saying that this is great news!!

  • Haha! Glad “Score!” is leaving… everytime I saw the sign, it reminded me of the stripclub “Scores” that Howard Stern used to talk about all the time.

    I miss that show…

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