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  • This is exactly what the neighborhood has been begging for. A kite store can’t be far behind.

  • Yeah. Where are all the commenters who were noting the demise of Cleveland Park and claimed it was being surpassed by H Street? I don’t live in cleveland park but I did find the notion amusing. I’m more looking forward to the Tackel Box should the neighbors not protest it to death.

    • Well notwithstanding, there is still a huge number of vacant retail spaces in Cleveland Park.

      And while I would generally say “some” business is better than no business, I am not sure how much a three block stretch of retail needed another nail salon, another tanning business etc.

      And by the looks of it, that Cereal Bowl business that opened a few months ago will be closing before too long. It was full for a couple days after it opened but I could count the number of people I’ve seen in there since on two hands.

      Not even the ridiculous, over monied yuppies of Cleveland Park think paying ~5 bucks or more for a small bowl of cereal for their kids is a worthwhile idea.

      • Agree that the cereal bowl is lame. I don’t think anyone thought it would last the year. But there are no longer a “huge number” of vacant spaces in CP. mcdonalds and magruders and 7-11 are supposedly spoken for. People need to realize that there is a difference between decline and turnover. CP is experiencing turnover.

        • umm… Cleveland Park lost so many businesses that it was more than turnover- it was a collapse. Same with Mt Pleasant.

          Cleveland park lost:

          Cleveland Park got a tanning salon, a nail place and the sad sad Cereal Bowl.

          Name one of those businesses that did 1/4 the traffic of one of the above places. I challenge anyone to put Starbucks up against the Cereal bowl for number of customers.

          supposedly spoken for places are still vacant. not sure how you think they are open for business.

          • Neener- Making sense isn’t your forte to be sure. But to say Cleveland Park collapsed is laughable. Mount Pleasant has long standing vacant spaces that show no sign of ever being inhabited. Cleveland Park experienced a high rate of turnover. Regrades of the fact that some were filled with Tanning Salons and Nail shops. Those places were all very quickly snatched up. With the exception of McDonalds which was long vacant but had multiple offers from restaurants and is now slated to be a lobster/raw bar joint. This along side Dino-Bardeo-Ardeo-Lavandue-Ripple-Palena. COLLAPSE! COLLAPSE I SAY! SELL SELL SELL! Cleveland Park is COOOOLLLAAAAAAPPPSSSING. But you are righ. No longer is there a Mcdonalds-7-11-or Blockbuster…

          • Nobody is sad about the Cereal Bowl except for cranky curmudgeons like you who were seemingly put upon this earth primarily for the purpose of complaining about things.

          • You forgot Whatsa Bagel, Brother’s Coffee, Ivy’s Place, Yenching Palace… the list is long indeed.

            I don’t think I’ve been to CP other than dedicated trips to Petco or Vace in years. While there is apparently still no sign of a place to get breakfast or a cup of coffee, at least our truffle gift-box needs will soon be met.

          • Jamie- You are listing places that went out of business eons ago. Why not talk about kenny rogers roasters (now palena) or wings and things (now indique) or the bank (now Dino). None of which was part of the recent turn over. You could do that for any neighborhood. Ivys Place: Replaced by anther unremarkable Thai place. Basically just changed names. Yenching: While it had a cute facade. Edible food it did not. Happy to see CVS get some competition. As for Coffee. I never went to Starbucks. I prefer to go to Firehook which is still there and has Romas lovely old patio out back. I do miss whatsabagel but what can you do. Eitherway you cut it. CP is doing just fine. Has not and will not collapse.

          • @anon- first off, Palena opened its doors before every one of those places closed. The storefront that houses Palena has not ever been vacant long and housed other restaurants before.

            The fact that these places closed aeons ago is exactly my point. What has happened since then?

            Ten years ago CP had a diverse mix of businesses. The storefronts that formerly housed coffee shops, a bagel place, restaurants, and a grocery store, a convenience store, and so on are now home to a CVS (which CP had already, it just moved), a tanning salon, nail studio, or are still vacant.

            It’s not just about a “collapse” its about the transition. Over a decade, CP’s retail has gone from a remarkably useful collection of stores that served most neighborhood needs and encouraged walking and shopping, to a place that has gaping voids in the most desired sorts of places people want in their neighborhood.

  • IAUIYQ – you are cracking me up today 🙂

  • Guys, apparently there’s a personality issue with me making comments about cleveland park. Most of the responses to me make absolutely no logical sense.

    1. Jamie, I know Mt Pleasant’s business community extremely well and your comment is flat out ignorant and wrong.
    2. Everyone here calls the Cereal Bowl sad. I am demonstrably not the only person to do so.
    3. Jamie, Palena HAS been vacant! I know Carol Greenwood (for better or worse) and I know when Greenwoods closed and her space was vacant and later Palena moved in!!! Who are you? You are very very wrong about all this!

    I am done responding to this other than to say, if you want to counter me in some kind of argument, come close to either telling the truth or being correct because these posts are very inaccurate and wrong.

    (though thumbs up for the Kenny Rogers Roasters comment!)

  • I was at Roma’s auction of animal heads. Were any of you?

  • f*** all y’all especially you anon who can’t get anything right and I misidentified as Jamie in one comment above, mea culpa, but scr***** you anyway. Talk to Mary Cheh if you didn’t think she was freaked out about what transpired.

    (who do you think used the word… ahhhh… collapsed?)

  • Cacao was open for business this morning.

  • I was excited at the possibility of a good place to get a sandwich in Cleveland Park but was sorely let down.
    The prices were unbelievable. The sandwiches and salads are 10-11 dollars for a roast beef or turkey sub. Even the vegetarian sandwich is 10 bucks .
    But there is supposed to be some fancy french chef behind it so i said ok i’ll try anything once. But this better be some amazing roast beef sandwich for $11!
    Guess what? They don’t even make them to order. They just grab them out of a fridge. A cold chewy crusted “baguette” with three slices of roast beef, cheese, lots of mayo and limp cold lettuce and tomato for $11!
    I can’t believe i am saying this but you are better off going to subway a few doors down. For half the price they at least make it fresh with fresh bread for you. Ugh.

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