Cap City Diner Applies for Liquor License

Capital City Diner located at 1050 Bladensburg Road, NE has applied for a liquor license. The license says:

“Dine in and out restaurant with a seating capacity inside of 36 and outside seating of 14. Total
occupancy load of 99. Request Entertainment endorsement for inside and outside patio and to
include dancing and cover charge.”

Hmm, not sure if this is just the necessary language but I can’t imagine dancing in such a small space…

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  • I like diners and kinda been planning to go there with my kids (they are very young.) Any POPsters been there lately? Is it too grungy/slow to brave with squirmy but hungry wee ones or is it OK?

    • I have been there a couple of times and it was neither grungy or slow.

      I think your kids would have fun. I have it hit up in the late afternoons on the weekends and it has been fairly slow so that might be a good time.

    • I was there once and it was filthy; my wife won’t go back. They had had a bad morning, but first impressions mean a lot.

      • never seen it filthy there. i haven’t heard another person have the experience you have. when was it? i’m sure matt and patrick would want to speak with you about this issue so it doesn’t happen again.

  • This was answered by Matt Ashburn in this from frozen tropics

    @ the 7:44 mark

  • Matt covers the reasons behind the dancing and cover charge language in his comment on Frozen Tropics:

    I wish them luck, I have been there several times and have always had a good experience and enjoyed it.

    Plus, any place with Jarritos Mandarin is good in my book!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Woah, I wouldn’t have guessed for a b-day party in a million years.

      Cap City Diner is fantastic and I’d gladly recommend it.

  • I’ve been there a few times with friends’ kids and not only is the menu super kid friendly, so were the staff. They’ve got high chairs and booster seats, and maybe crayons… (not sure about that one). Also, I’m not sure about changing tables, but I think yes.

  • Sign of the times,

    Diners, sit down restaurants can’t make it without the liquor.

  • I still have kind of a sour taste in my mouth from when these people ran to the internet at every single little snag they hit along the way trying to open the place up, trying to make everyone else fix their problems like they were special.

    • you oughta let it go and give them a try.

    • i guess you could look at it like that, but i thought it was fascinating that they detailed just how freaking hard it is to open a business in dc.
      AND it did help get things done.

    • I’m not sure you’re missing anything. For the neighborhood, it’s probably a nice addition. But if you’re driving from anywhere else in the city, I’d question the use of hydrocarbons.

    • up is exactly right on.

      This city is not welcome to private capital, private investment that could well improve so many neighborhoods.

      You really don’t know just how bad it is until you experience it yourself, devote the time and resources, take the risk, and really feel the pain of doing something positive in area where there’s so much negative and have so little local support.

      In normal good local municipal governments across this country it’s natural to to put out the welcome mat and seek private investment and employers to bring economic recovery.

      DC government is pretty much collectivist public office holders; especially the ANC’s that think they should have dominion over everyone and everyone’s livelihood because of few dozen people elect them.

      I am a regular reader here and I remember writing in with advice for the two at Cap City Diner way back when.

      But now in retrospect, I feel more in the camp with RD above.

      I don’t recall reading a thank you from the proprietors to us or an invite here for those of us who offered help when they finally opened up.

    • I found it interesting to read how hard it is to open a restaurant in DC. As a non-business owner it was nice to see how the process works. It makes me appreciate small businesses better.

      Plus, i eat at the Cap. City Diner a lot. Good greasy food, good friendly service.

  • wait a minute, where exactly should the proprietors send their invitation to?

    mr. anonymous
    123 anonymous street
    anytown, USA 12345?

    • and that was meant for mr. 6:34 AM anonymous, but the commenting system was throwing errors at me left and right this morning, so it didn’t end up as a reply.

    • The actual address is:

      Anonymous Capitalist
      101 Entitlement St. NE
      Washington, DC

      And yes, the comments thing is REALLY screwed up.

  • Sounds like they want to do something along the lines of Silk City in Philly:

    That works for me.

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