Can You Park in a School Lot over the Summer?

“Dear PoP,

There is a school near my apt in Logan, and the street signs states “No parking from 8-4pm on School Days.” What are the mandated schools days by the district? If the kids are out for the summer, would there be school days?”

Good question. Given Cardozo HS summer track hours I’m thinking those school days signs probably do apply during the summer as well. Anyone know for sure if school days apply during the summer?

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  • Can you park on school property if you aren’t going to that school? Umm, that would be trespassing unless you get proper permission.

    How about people who aren’t students or teachers just stay off school grounds. Is there some creepy compulsion where they want to hang around children? If not then let the kids have their space and buzz off.

  • Wow, the reply above is rather harsh…did you consider that someone might just like to get their car off of the street? Or maybe have a back-up parking lot for guests?

    I seriously doubt the answer is yes, considering parking enforcement in this city right now, and I didn’t ask this question…but jeez…lay off!

  • Don’t let neener get you down. He’s just a well-known anti-social troll.

  • Looks like someone stepped out from under their bridge for the day.

    I think those hours still count for summer school or special summer programs.

  • Hi,

    I asked this question and this was referring to street parking that had this sign, not a parking lot.
    (No Parking on School Days 8-4)

  • I used to park behind the school next to the Fannie Mae building during a summer internship.

    School was off, so we were good all day. That was a few years ago, so do check before you park.

  • Dan,
    I would think it would not apply to the street parking. You might try to scope out to see if that school is having summer programming. If they do – don’t try it. If they don’t, you’d have a better shot. I’d probably park there in the summer for 1-2 hours but be hesitant to park for a long time.

    • I’d check with parking enforcement, not the school, since they’re the ones who would be issuing a ticket. Just because the school says it’s ok doesn’t mean anything.

  • Neener – A little bad drama in your past man?

    Alex is correct. I believe the post is concerning alternative parking options, not pedophilia.


  • I would think not as many DCPS schools have summer school for the month of July and in August after summer school ends, teachers and admin staff are in the building for professional development and getting their classrooms ready.

  • Thanks.

  • I live right across from an elementary school, have for 6 years. We treasure (we being me and my neighbors) our ability to park on the school side during vacations. No tickets, no problem. Maybe it’s different at schools where there’s summer school, but I doubt it.

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