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  • What a frickin tragedy! Why would you go and demolish a great old building like that. Doesnt make sense to me.

  • They’re replacing it with the average-looking building on the bottom-left of the developer’s main page

    I will say their other projects look great though. Wish they had respected history in this instance though.

  • I want the stained glass….

  • It is going to look a lot better than a dilapidated boarded up building!

  • what a shame, it was such a cute building. why couldnt the developers incorporate it into a new building. you can always add a floor.

  • are guys joking? did you even see the pictures? it looked like crap before.

  • Gentrification did this . . .

  • sniff sniff,I knew I should have taken a picture of it.

  • And the Department of Reduncancy Department award goes to this great headline!

  • Reduncancy = redundancy…

  • I walk by this nearly every day. What you see of the facade was the only architecturally significant piece of this otherwise plain building worth saving. Even the stained glass windows are not original as they are the type used in pre-war suburban houses throughout the UK. There used to be a guy at Eastern Market that sold them by the truckload, is he still there? You can tell by all the extra framing around the windows that they were added later.

    I welcome what the developer is doing and hope that the final result will fit well into the neighborhood. A two apartment building is better than an abandoned dilapidated shell.

  • How ironic that 1020 Girard Street, NW was razed ON THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY of its construction. This permit for this brick structure was issued on September 19, 1910. The architect was William C. Allard.

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