Bill’s Seafood Kitchen (Fish in the Hood) Gets Outdoor Seating

Thanks to a reader for sending in word about this development at Bill’s Seafood Kitchen (3601 Georgia Ave. NW near Otis in Park View). The reader notes that the new outdoor seating is a definite improvement over “the sweatshirt stand that usually sits there.”

While we’ve discussed this sign before, I don’t think we’ve ever discussed the food. Any fans?

Photo by flickr user stgermh

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  • The food is delicious! And, I love that you can take the fish home to cook or get it cooked for you, with sides. I’m a fan. And, the story of why it’s called Fish in the Hood is pretty interesting if you bother to ask.

  • Love Bills Seafood, great food – friendly service – clean. Usually Bill will ask you if you want the succulent sauce or the super succulent sauce but they are both the same.

  • This is awesome.

  • and they didn’t even have to brick over a tree box to make room for the outdoor seating! nice.

    • But, there’s NO tree in that tree box! Call Casey Trees! Call Jim Graham! Call Homeland Security!

  • This will come off as snarky I’m sure, but does Bill have good authority over that corner? My guess is he just facilitated loitering for the local drunks and thugs. Nice layout though, I hope its not all defaced, stolen, and spoiled quickly. Or can Bill handle all that?

    • Snarky, yes, but a valid concern.

      From what I’ve seen Bill DOES have good authority. Neither he nor his sister (who oversees the area) want thugs hanging out there, and I think the improvement makes it even less likely that they will. Its worth watching, though.

      In any case, congrats on the new look and successful, local small business.

  • Those umbrellas are fantastic. Always hoped that place was good – nice to hear some confirmations.

  • OWNED!

  • Pretty good place, provided they decide to open on the day you go…

  • I LOVE this place. The fish is wonderful (especially blackened) and the friend oysters are also great.

    They do a clam chowder (which sometimes has crab in it too) that you can order off menu which is worth trying.

    I’d go more than the once a week I already try and do if they were open longer on the weekends (or at all).

  • “I’d go more than the once a week I already try and do if they were open longer on the weekends (or at all).”

    rant: people who write the way they speak – when they’re drunk – making the reading of their sentences a laborious chore.

    Punctuate, please! That’s what commas and periods are for!

  • They have the best butterfly fried shrimp I’ve ever had.

  • Wow, I’m happy to read people like this place. I’ve walked by it countless times and wondered if it was worht trying. It’s often closed when I walk.

    I take it this place is a step up from the seafood joint at Georgia and Kenyon? I think it’s called Morgans?!?

  • i’ve never been and i think i’ll ty it out sometime. thanks for the tip.

  • My kid goes to school at EL Haynes, right across the street. We’ve never stopped in, but may have to now.

  • LOVE FITH! More apt to swing by for lunch now that there is a place to enjoy it.

    And Bill and his sister are kind of perfect…good people.

  • Just had food from here for lunch. It rocked! I had the broiled whiting with sides of collard greens and candied yams. A lot of his fish is local and he does a great job cooking it. There’s nothing worse than a dried out piece of fish. My whiting was flaky and tender. Yum!

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