Woah Tackle Box Coming to Cleveland Park

Wow, thanks to a reader for sending in the following Editorial from the Cleveland Park Listserv:

Editorial: Yes to Tackle Box in the Former McDonald’s Space
by Bill Adler and Peggy Robin
Publishers, Cleveland Park Listserv

Is the former McDonald’s space at 3407 Connecticut Avenue, which has been vacant
for over seven years, finally going to become a useful, productive member of

According to today’s Washington Post (http://bit.ly/cVibFy ), Tackle Box, a
seafood restaurant, will be opening in that location. Here’s a brief
description from the Post of what we’re likely to see: “Tackle Box will be
dressed down with picnic tables, weathered buoys and lobster traps and will
require customers to place their orders at a counter.” The Georgetown Tackle
Box on M Street has a menu of “lobster rolls, fried clams and wood-grilled
trout,” but because the Cleveland Park space is three times the size of Tackle
Box in Georgetown, it may also have additional amenities such as bars, both raw
seafood and alcoholic.

The Tackle Box is expected to open no sooner than the end of 2010. If you want
to read more about what Tackle Box serves, visit their website at
http://tackleboxrestaurant.com .

Reports and rumors of restaurants coming into the space once occupied by the
McDonald’s have surfaced over the years. In November 2009 the ANC approved an
alcohol and liquor license for DC Diner, which was to have been a
family-oriented diner with an Asian-infused menu. DC Diner never materialized.
In 2007, Divino, an Argentine restaurant and lounge, tried to fill that space,
but was shooed away because of neighborhood opposition.

Hopefully, the space that was once a McDonald’s is not haunted by ghosts of
failed restaurants and neighborhood opposition past. Let’s all unite behind
bringing a new seafood restaurant to a space that’s been empty for far too long.

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  • thats the best thing to happen to cleveland park since atomic billiards!

  • It sounds like great news, but considering it’s the old McDonald’s space, I’ll believe it when I see it. It seems like at least once a year since McD’s closed, an announcement like this has popped up.

  • What ever happened to the Tackle box that was going to open in China Town?

    • not in chinatown, but it was supposed to be in the old waffle shoppe space.
      across from fords theater. i thought that it was still going to happen.

  • Where are all the people that have been claiming Cleveland Park is in its last throws because starbucks and blockbuster closed? Seems to me Cleveland Park turnover has been for the better. (ok minus the new tanning salon)

  • Cue the crazy anti-restaurant people who live in Cleveland park to kill this one too.

    We need more vacuum cleaner stores and tanning salons in CP. Oh, and another nail place would be great too.

  • does this count as a restaurant? Not sure how the zoning overlay works but Tackle Box serves no alcohol and doesn’t have waiters. Its more of a cafe but I’m not sure it’s veiwed any differently.

  • Love tacklebox. Cheap, tasty food. This is great news.

  • score. CP is a lot faster/easier to get to from petworth than Gtown, and I’ve been saying I’d get to tacklebox for forever and a day.

  • Heard great things about this place and now its going to be much easier to get to! About time someone did something with that old McDonalds location…

  • I dont get to Gtown very often but I have been to Tackle Box and it’s great. Very simple concept and well executed. I for one wish they did serve beer but I can always get tackle box to go and enjoy it at Atomic which allows you to bring your own food.

  • They have the yummiest broccoli I’ve ever tasted!

  • Since they won’t be selling beer or wine, is BYOB allowed?

    • From the post article:

      That leaves plenty of room for Umbel’s fresh ideas, including a raw bar stocked with shellfish and a separate bar for liquid pleasures.

  • I would be excited about this placed if the clam rolls were whole belly clams and not clam strips. If you’re gonna do a clam roll – do it right damnit

  • I have a personal beef against Tackle Box. Their G’town location bumped out what was the closest to real NY pizza in the area. Now if I want really good pizza I have to go to Bethesda.

  • Fish Tacos at Tackle Box are incredible… and yet I never go because it’s such a pain in the ass to get to the one in Georgetown. Im pumped for this.

  • hahahaha. i LOVE the fact that so few people have read the article.

  • People– I know change is tough but, is there really any fresh seafood left? This business model is tired, and caters to y’all who are unwilling to admit that literally you’re eating garbage. What would thrive in CP is a killer breakfast/brunch spot.

    • Brunch in dc: Now that’s change I can believe in…
      As for Tackle Box. Yeah the fish is pretty quality. It sure beats ordering the tilapia at Open City or The Heights.
      But I agree I was excited about the prior gossip that this would become a diner. Breakfast food is hard to come by in CP.

  • Yay! Lobster mmmmm.
    I still heart Cleveland Park for the library, pet store, the Nam Viet, Lavendue, Firehouse Bakery muffins (and back patio), toys at that funky Transcendental store, pizza dough from the Italian store, and yes I buy vacumn cleaner bags. I’d go to bars there too if it wasn’t for child protective services har har. I think some Petworthian families are probably would-been-Cleveland-Parkers-who-couldn’t-swing-the-mortgage.

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