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  • It’s a type of Widows’s walk. I remember being young and going up to the finger lakes and seeing many houses with these.

  • A widow’s walk/watch! Folk lore says that widows would climb up to their watches day after day to look out over the sea for the return of their fallen fishermen husbands. You rarely see these outside of water-front towns. Where is this house? Near the Potomac?

  • The more practical reason for the cupola was for air conditioning. Hot air rises, and funneling it into narrow area in the roof with the windows open is an efficient way to let it out of the house. That’s at least why Thomas Jefferson put one on top of his home at Monticello.

  • that’s the top of the elevator shaft. 🙂

  • it’s a house designed with defenestration in mind

  • 6 Logan Circle #6 also has a cupola with a seating area and ceiling fan. It’d been on the market for quite some time but just went under contract …

  • Yes the widow’s walk, my favorite feature of houses in New England/near the shore. As Anon says, women would go up there to see if their husband’s boat had returned from sea…something tragically romantic about the feature to me. I think though, it’s become a popular architectural feature because I see it in houses far from the sea in New England now too.

  • Also known as a crow’s nest in certain parts.

  • Cool, but the one in Ledroit Park at 6th and Florida is way better.

  • I’m not sure DC ever had such a thriving fishing industry that we warranted “widows walks” here. Nice try New Englanders.

    They were used in the south to draw cool air into the house below and suck the hot air out of the top. Pre-AC, AC.

  • I think it’s so the capos on Capitol Hill can have a lookout for the cops.

  • Emphatically NO – this is not a cupola or, givemeabreak, a widow’s walk. It’s a belvedere. Functions similarly to a cupola, but is square, and not octagonal. Popular in Greek Revival and Italianate architecture of the middle 1800’s.

  • It’s so when the zombie apocalypse happens,you’ll have a DFP(defensive firing position) to protect your home. 2012’s just a year and a half away.

  • I have to look at this thing everyday.

    Gheorge Muresan actually lives there and had it installed to he could “stand up and stretch his legs”.

    • Gheorge Muresan?!

      It’s actually there so Mr. Belvedere has more windows to clean. Gheorge Murasan isn’t even a real person! He’s a figment of your Canadian imagination.

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