Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located at 1451 Park Road NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“410 sq ft Studio on the 3rd floor.

All newly renovated luxury kitchen with:
Stainless steel appliances that include
Refrigerator, Washer-Dryer Combo, Electrci Stove,
Granite Counters
All new decroative bathroom tile
All plumbing and fixtures
New vanity with marble top.
New maple wood floors
New light fixtures
New paint.
New blinds
Central Air and Heat- all electric no gas.

Secured building
Secuirty Guard 6 nights a week
Elevator building
Laundry room on first floor”

Does $1201 sound reasonable for this studio?

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  • That seems like a lot for a studio in Columbia Heights. Super close to Metro, but that block is still surprisingly sketchy, despite DCUSA.

  • Agree with the sketchy block comment. It’s super tiny too. $1000 tops.

    • Let’s see…Studios at the Allegro start at more than 1500 and that’s a couple blocks north. Highland Park is even more. It’s probably reasonable – there are unrenovated studios on 16th that are as small as this for only $25-50 less a month. CH has gotten expensive. I know you can get a 1 br for 1275 up on Newton, but it doesn’t have the renovations this one has.

      Also, if that block is sketchy I’d hate to see what you’d call an area with an actual crime issue.

      • I seriously don’t know how the Allegro and Highland Park rent. I was amazed at how little you were getting basically to live in an overpriced place.

        Always wanted to know if people negotiated down $100-200 a month. Seemed ridiculous to live there if you didn’t get a good deal.

      • @JS If you don’t think CH has a crime issue then you are high.

        captcha: dangered to

        • 1400 block of Park Road does not equal all of Columbia Heights. Sure, there are bad parts of the neighborhood. That address isn’t in one of them.

  • This is one I would have to see. Seems small for a studio in C Heights, but I think with the upgrades it might be worth it. Especially with the conveniences and the fact that it is not on the first floor.

    Bit confused about the laundry situation. Does the apartment come with w/d combo and there is laundry on the 1st floor? Would have to see the closet and utility situation, but w/d + dishwasher make this place quite enticing at this price point.

  • I used to live exactly 2 houses down from this. The area isn’t sketchy at all. It’s incredibly well-lit and busy at all times. Which is actually the biggest downside of living there– it’s super noisy, constantly. But just wanted to weigh in here since 100% of this comment thread chose to describe the area as “sketchy”. It’s not.

    • Well, not 100% anymore, but that was accurate when I wrote it.

      • Agreed. I’m sure some unfortunate shit goes down on this block – like every other block in every other city – but overall it’s well-lit and well-populated.

  • I literally live one block away and pay $1375 for a one bedroom with den/2nd bedroom. My apartment is 1200 sq ft. Way over priced.

    And actually, that area is sketchy. You see that little unlabeled street running parallel to 14th St, the one that goes behind the DCUSA? An alley of shoots from that area, were there are about 4 tents and other lean-to’s set up to smoke meth in. Not really that safe to be walking that block at odd hours of the night, and definitely never safe to be in that alley.

    • Agreed that that alley isn’t the best place to be at night. But there’s no reason to ever use that alley, so I’m not sure that that alone makes the area sketchy. A really fancy kitchen doesn’t become instantly worthless just because a person could hypothetically burn their hand on the stove.

  • Park btwn 14th and 16th wouldn’t count as sketchy for me. That said, you can get a one bedroom for $900 four blocks east. I guess you get the elevator, security guard, and 100 fewer yards to Metro for that extra $300.

    Also, it seems weird to me to have dishwasher in a studio. Isn’t that like having an industrial-style copy machine in an office of three people? And maybe I’m too carbon-conscious, but electric heat also seems crazy to me.

  • This place is tiny. Given that advertised square footage routinely overstates actual square footage, I’m guessing you’re talking something closer to 350-375 sq. ft. But even at 410, that’s still small. For $1200/mo, I’d look for something slightly less centrally located with 150-200% of the space. That can be had for the same amount of money within 4-5 blocks of this place. Maybe not at the new luxury buildings, but it can be had.

  • As I’m possibly in the market for a studio/1 br in the coming months, I’d like to propose something. Since you all think this is over priced for the space in CH because you can definitely find places $200-$300 cheaper, why don’t you suggest where. I live in a group house for $900 including utilities on the 11th street strip, and I’d love to find a studio/1br for that price. Though admittedly it hasn’t been too in depth, most of the craigslist perusing I’ve done tells me that a studio/1br somewhere near a metro and a nice supermarket is going to be more than 1k and probably be around 1200+ for most of NW. So please, show me your links to good deals.

    • This. If they exist, they definitely don’t appear on Craigslist. Also, if you’ve lived in a place for more than a couple of years, it’s sort of hard to compare your rent-controlled habitat with new spaces coming on-market. That one bedroom four blocks east? I’ll be it doesn’t have central air or hardwood floors.

      • whoops, …bet it doesn’t


          The place next door is similarly priced. I think these go fast. Again, no doorman, no elevator, not upscale, but there are hardwood floors and many (not all) have central air (sometimes done by floor/section).

          • Try getting someone to show you an apartment in that building. I suppose when the management doesn’t show up a half hour after the scheduled time you could just walk in through the front door that’s propped open.

            When I tried to view an apartment there the complete lack of communication from anyone involved in managing that building really put me off. No calls about being late to the showing, and no returning my follow up calls attempting to reschedule. I shudder to think what would happen if an apartment required serious or emergency maintenance.

            I guess my point is I don’t think the two properties are comparable. I think commenters here (not you) equate “I wouldn’t pay it” with “not a good deal” although that isn’t necessarily the case.

  • This is my block and I pay $100 less per month for a basement jr one bedroom (stuido with a wall up for bedroom area) with tile floors. I think it’s worth the extra $$ for the nice wood floors and new appliances. The block isn’t like Dupont, but its safe, always busy, well lit, but noisey. So convenient though.

  • People who think this area isn’t sketchy, where in DC is sketchy by your definition? I’m not coming down on one side or the other, I would never live in that area because of street harassment but I would not be surprised to hear that it actually has 50% more or less violent crime than where I live.

  • Lots of loiterers on the block, but I’ll usually choose to walk up Park instead of Irving (more eyes on the street, as Jane Jacobs would say). I don’t walk up Hiatt at night, though; no way. $1200 is a lot of damn money for a studio; even if the apartment were somewhat renovated, the building is still pretty crappy.

  • I wonder if this was one of the units I saw for sale on in the last year for around $150K. I’d be impressed if someone could make make a profit on their mortgage on a recent sale in Columbia Heights.

  • I live two blocks from here and pay $100 less for a much larger (525 sq. ft.) but non-renovated studio. If there’s actually a W/D in the unit then I would say it’s definitely worth it.

    Hiatt is sketchy at night but Park is not. Definitely better to walk down Park at night than Irving (agree with eyes on the street. Who walks down alleys? I don’t.

  • That block of Park WAS super sketchy just a few years ago – people running down the street shooting kind of sketchy. I don’t think all those people have moved away yet.

  • I currently live three buildings down. As with any area in the city you want to be aware, but of all the streets in that area I feel Park between 14th and 16th is one of the safest

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