Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan

This rental is located at 2359 Ontario Rd, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Meridian Apartments is located in the historic Adams Morgan/Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. One bedroom available May 5…spacious unit, hardwood floors, new cabinets. The building is located on a charming block and ALL utilities are included in the rent (heat,, hot water and electric). All you pay is the rent!”

I think this one might be a deal. Does $1,000 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • I smell a scam. you cant get a ratty basement for that price in that location. Hell a one bedroom at the woodner is more than that…

  • that seems too good to be true. $1,000 in that location for 750 sq. ft. with utilities covered? is the building a dump or something?

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Yeah, I remember reading about some scam on Craig’s list where the potential landlord doesn’t really own the property but is just trying to get a security deposit and then splits.

  • No Central Air makes this building uninhabitable.

    • And that little neighborhood gets pretty stabby

    • Get over it. Not everybody around here instantaneously melts like an ice cube on the sidewalk when the temperature gets above 80. Lots of people survive with window units just fine.

  • I would also encourage everyone to check out potential rentals for bedbug complaints:

    Found out too late that DC is one of the 4 national hotspots for bedbuds. I’ve heard a common strategy among residents in older buildings (especially like this one where electricity is included) is to keep the AC at 65F to keep reproduction levels low…

  • agree with the above. there is NO WAY a good one-bedroom in that location goes for so little, especially with utilities included. you can’t even get a studio for that. either it’s a scam or something must be wrong with it.

  • Notice there’s no pic of the kitchen, probably one of those ‘caught in a 40’s time warp’ deals.

  • This is on my block – definitely not the nicest building on the block, but I wouldn’t call it or the neighborhood “stabby” @Kev29. I can attest that the locks on the building are still broken, front windows on the doors are routinely cracked, and the building can be loud. But the residents are extremely nice, and the property management company actually did a good job with the snow removal in the front of the building (except for a lot of it ending up on my car!). I’ve never been inside, but from the exterior I would guess the apartments have never been upgraded.

  • I lived next door to this building about 6 years ago and paid about $850 for a small one bedroom. The building that I lived in and this one were inhabited by mostly low-income Latino families. My apartment was very small and not fancy, but it was liveable. I never saw rats inside the building, but there were a TON of them outside my building and this building. It was terrifying to go anywhere near the dumpsters! I think it’s possible that a one bedroom would actually rent for 1k in this building.

  • Everyone needs to keep in mind that it’s an old building, and it’s not exactly in the touristy, party time part of Adams Morgan.

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