Update on Sports Bar Coming to 3632 Georgia Ave, NW

Around once every few weeks I get an email asking for an update on the Sports Bar coming next to Looking Glass Lounge on Georgia Ave. I’m happy to say I can finally provide one. For those who are unfamiliar with this project you can see some background here.

First the name has changed. The ultimate plan is to still create a much bigger project called the The Green Room. The new name comes from the bar in Pretty Woman called the Blue Banana. Uh, while that wouldn’t be my first choice for the name of a sports bar, I’m glad to say the project is still moving forward.

At any rate, the contractors have been selected and the final construction permits issued. Construction is now likely to start late this week, early next week. Construction will take approximately 10 weeks. They now hope to open in time for Football season but I’m gonna have to guess the Sept./Oct. timeframe if all goes well. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

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  • Great to hear! Would love an update on the new place coming to Georgia Avenue from the Marvin folks. It doesn’t look like anything has changed at the site since Fenty came up and blessed it.

  • Great to hear, thanks for the update! Excited for this spot to open. Any details on whether there will be anything beyond what you’d normally expect from a sports bar in terms of food, decor, concept, etc.?

    They should seriously reconsider the name. First of all, why would you name a sports bar, geared at a presumably largely male demographic, after ANYTHING related to Pretty Woman? Second, the name is just terrible. “The Blue Banana”??? Sounds like a parody of a gay bar in a bad 80’s movie …

  • I’m actually digging the name Blue Banana. Extra points if the sign is just a huge 10 foot long blue banana.

  • Take a lesson from the Angry Inch: an ambiguous, innuendo-laden name can keep people away from your joint. Blue Banana? Is it a gay bar? Dance club? Fruit Smoothie place? I have no idea… It certainly doesn’t say “sports bar” to me.

    I’m having a hard time (pun intended) imaging a group of homophobic fratty boys meeting for some brews to watch the game at the Blue Balls – er, I mean, Blue Banana.

    That’s just me though.

  • You can never have enough gay sports bars in this city (eg. Nellie’s)! I for one would be happy if this bar (or any for that matter) kept out homophobic fratty boys!

  • +1 Gay Neighbor. I go to Yoga House 2 doors up and frat boys would be a depressing addition.

    • Are you guys serious? “Frat boys” would be scared sh*tless at the thought of even driving through Petworth – let alone watching college football there.

      • hardly. “frat boys” and the ilk have a long rich history of partying it up in hoods they wouldn’t live in.

        • Perhaps – but I don’t think a small place on Georgia Ave called The Blue Banana is going to be a hot destination for white boys slumming it while drinking buckets of High Life on weekend afternoons. I think you’ll be safe to drink in peace.

          • The description is a little confusing as to what the final bar name will be. Is it The Green Room, or is The Blue Bananna? TBB would be hilarious.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            My understanding is that bar will open up under the name the Blue Banana but when the final vision is achieved it will be changed to the Green Room. Sounds a bit odd to me as well…

        • True, but in those cases it’s neighborhoods like Adams Morgan and U Street. What I presume you mean by the term “frat boys” would be the types who wouldn’t dream of moving out of Georgetown/Glover Park area. To many of them, Adams Morgan is sketchville and they only go there to get drunk. They would definitely not be frequenting Petworth. However, if by “frat guys” you are talking about average American guys who might own a few polos and don’t wear skinny jeans, yes, a bar in Petworth might see a couple of them.

      • Good thing this is in Park View then!

  • Yeah, I don’t wanna hang out with a bunch of frat boys, either… I’m just saying it’s a poor choice for the typical demographic. Maybe there are enough non-typical sports fans in the ‘hood to compensate for scaring away the Bud Light crowd? Works for me, if so.

    • last i checked, there were lots of other demographics for sports fans besides white frat boys.

  • How about a ban sports bars period?

  • I’m not a frat boy, but I like cheap beer in sports bars!

    Keep on hating, haters!!

    • Life is too short to drink bad beer. Cheap is good, but crap beer is just crap beer.

      and yes, I suppose I do hate hanging out with chest-bumping, high-fiving, racist-joking, date-raping, narrow-minded frat boys. I know I’m stereotyping, but whatever.

      • Seriously, where does everyone run into these people? I mean I guess certain parts of Dupont or Georgetown. I hang out mostly on the green line and my life is never even impacted by these douches that apparently are such a big quality of life issue for everyone else.

        I actually like the taste of crap beer, so in that way I suppose I’m lucky (I pay less for the same satisfaction as you).

        • ZING! You sure got me, buddy! I’m really stung. Boy, did that hurt! How foolish of me to pay for quality.


        • there is definitely a higher degree of the perception of frat boys than actual frat boy-ness.
          but that fear keeps us alert. and we like that edginess of living in a neighborhood that frat boys might-or-might-not visit.

  • Seriously. What a terrible name. I hope they’ll rethink that.

  • “The new name comes from the bar in Pretty Woman called the Blue Banana”

    WTF? Is this April Fool’s Day? How long have I been asleep?

  • Why do i get the feeling that the whole theme of the bar has changed, and it’s not going to be a real sports bar…

  • What was wrong with the green room? That name sounded fine to me. But speaking of names, I really, really hope the Marvin folks are keeping “Billy Simpson’s.” Now THAT is a name. [Marvin and The Gibson are great names too, so clearly, they know how to brand a place].

  • You’re a moron TSM…good generalizations.

    • I fully and freely admitted I was stereotyping. You must have missed that. But thanks for complimenting my generalizations! You’re swell!

      • I love that generalizations about “frat guys” are tacitly approved by POP posters, but if you changed it to “black residents” everyone on here would be wound up to level ten of moral outrage. Just because other people around here agree with your stereotyping doesn’t make you any less of an asshole.

        • wow, dems strong words, there, Jimmy!
          But, I do agree there are double standards on stereotyping, as well as what the definition of ‘racist’ is.

          Is stereotyping an asshole endeavor? At any rate, I base my comments (some of them, anyway) on personal interactions with frat boys and their ilk.

          That fact that I clearly identify it as stereotyping means that I admit and understand it’s not true for all individuals who are members of a fraternity. I’m merely extrapolating my own impressions of those people I’ve encountered to make a point. Plain and simple.

          • Speaking of stereotypes, TSM, go put on your pair of skinny jeans and listen to indie rock while you brood on how much you hate your father and his the “establishment”.

          • Im curious to hear where you had your negative interactions with frat guys? was it while in college, or are there roving bands of bros in greek letters on the loose in columbia heights and petworth stuffing hipsters in dumpsters?

            I mean this in all seriousness, as I find it hard to believe that every cool kid in this city was beaten up by a frat guy, and that most of this collective hate is just people being trendy. But perhaps Im wrong, and I;d really like to hear where all this animosity comes from.

        • somebodies crokies are in a bunch

  • There’s a huge fight at the Blue Oyster Bar.
    Should we send the SWAT team?

  • What a strange comment pool. Call the place NITROGEN SALIVA BALL, who cares? If the place is decent, I’m there.

    ……actually, I’d love a place within walking distance called Nitrogen Saliva Ball. Investors? Hello?

  • Jeez….what’s the big thing about frat boys? I don’t think I’ve even seen one for years. But then, maybe I don’t go to the right places. I’m not worried about them invading Petworth anytime soon.

  • Given the confusing ambiguous info about this place I can’t feel like it is going to be successful.

  • “Speaking of stereotypes, TSM, go put on your pair of skinny jeans and listen to indie rock while you brood on how much you hate your father and his the “establishment”.

    hahaha! I laughed out loud at that, Anonymous (if that IS your real name). I really did. I mean, what the hell does that mean? Skinny jeans? I’m actually quite fat and old, and I’m guessing most of the posters here would consider ME part of this “establishment” you refer to. Whacky. You kids are funny!

    I think you’re all on the drugs and doing the marijuana cigarettes…

  • “Im curious to hear where you had your negative interactions with frat guys?”

    Since that seems like a sincere question, I’ll answer sincerely:
    I tended bar at a joint often frequented by frat boys and had to smile and laugh at their racist jokes and pretend not to care when they treated their girlfriends like sh-t. They were rude, overly loud and rowdy (even for a bar), and communicated mainly via chest bumps and high fives and quaint expressions like “in yer face, dude!”.

    For the record, I’m not hip or a ‘hipster’ and was never beat up by frat boys. Can’t a guy just have an opinion based on what he sees with his own eyeballs?

  • It will do great with all the folks like me who like Looking Glass and are too lazy to go the extra couple of blocks to the Red Derby & CoHi bars. Come football season I am so there! Hope they can put in a fireplace.
    But Blue Banana? Seriously? It’s too much like The Blue Parrot. Maybe to go with Sweet Mango, kind of a tropical theme we’ll have going now? Come to think of it my (gay) realtor did say that Petworth was where all “the boys” were buying (in 2008.) Being from the SF Bay area and all that was a big plus as far as I’m concerned. But I hope I don’t get the stink eye going in there.

    • my gay realtor was living in (and pushing) petworth in 2005! they’re infiltrating at a slow rate, i suppose.

      are we really using the “CoHi” acronym? really?

  • P.S. Frat boys have their place, they are the disposable tissue of the relationship world. For when you want to get laid but don’t want to break the heart of nice long-term-material-type boy.

    • sort of like hookers, but free?

    • This might explain why people become frat boys

    • Uhhhh…..you’re justifying sleeping with frat boys so you don’t hurt the nice guys’ feelings? That’s utter crap. Most nice guys would happily take no-strings-attached sex; they just aren’t aggressive enough to get it. You have just explained the whole reason why frat boys exist and why nice guys lose.

      • Damn I can’t believe this girl posted that. Every once in a while a girl slips up and lets you know how women/girls actually think instead of touting the regular BS that they say.

        Note to self: be careful to not be nice enough to get pegged as the type of guy who doesn’t get easy, casual sex

  • I kinda think the name “Blue Banana” might scare off any heterosexual males, fratty/homophobic or not.

    I just can’t picture my guy friends calling each other up and saying “Yo man, let’s catch the game at the Blue Banana.” They’d be more likely to go to Nellie’s.

  • So, when does the term frat boy wear off? My Husband was a frat boy 15 years ago, and I was a sorority girl same time. We own a rowhouse in Petworth, did we lose our fratboy-soroity girl stereotypes at the point of purchase? Will we forever be evil jerks? What if we now wear skinny jeans, bonus points?! Seriously people, grow up.

    • when I say ‘frat boy’ I mean a boy in a fraternity. Unless your husband is playing like Will Ferrel in Old School, then I don’t think he’s the topic of discussion here.

      On the other hand, if he’s still acting like a frat boy but all-growed-up, then I guess we *are* talking about him. You’d have to tell me, I suppose…

      that’s fair, no?

    • a “frat boy” is different that a man that was in a fraternity. it’s an attitude and a defining characteristic of some people. if you don’t know what we mean then that’s terrific.

  • This is the most entertaining comment thread I’ve read in a long time. And much of it is off-topic too!
    Blue Banana wouldn’t have been my first choice for a name, but nobody asked me. And it won’t stop me from going if it’s a decent place.

    And I’m sometimes part of the Bud Light crowd. I do like other beer too (example, the East European beers at Domku), but sometimes a crap Bud Light hits the spot too. Life is too short to exclude bad beer.
    Oh, and I vote for no “CoHi” also.

  • OK, I just want to be sure I’ve got it straight: Frat boys suck. Hipsters suck. Gang members suck. Yuppies suck. Preppies suck. Orange-liners suck. Wanna-be hipsters suck. Hill interns suck. Timothy Jones of 1430 Monroe Street sucks.* Who exactly is acceptable as a potential resident, or business patron, of Columbia Heights or Petworth? Just so I’m in the loop …

    (oh, and I think it’s time to update my moniker now that I’m approaching five years in the area …).

    *not an actual person. At least I hope not.

  • Am I the only person who couldn’t give a rat’s rear end what this place is called as long as it is a cool place to hang out and watch sports? Geesh! Anyone who lets the name of an establishment determine whether they will be a patron (unless the name is racist, sexist, anti-semitic, or otherwise objectively objectionable) is a fool. Just stay at home and wait for a bar to open with a name that is worthy of your patronage. Or go watch football at the strip club two blocks down.

  • You know Viagra can make men see everything blue.

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