Two Mountain Bikes Stolen from Mayor Fenty’s Home

Photo by PoPville flickr user Tyrannous

The Examiner shares this disturbing news:

“A trio of thieves brazenly made off with two mountain bikes from the Fenty family garage in the Crestwood neighborhood while the mayor’s around-the-clock security detail guarded the family home a few yards away, internal police documents show.

The thefts occurred on June 3 around 7:40 p.m., while officers were on the grounds of the Fenty home, records show.”

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  • ah

    If ever there were a chance that MPD recovers a stolen bike . . .

  • if we catch those kids, we should send them after Bid Laden.

  • Are we all doomed or what?

  • Oh dear! He’ll never be able to afford to replace them! And what if he doesn’t get into shape for the race on time???

  • How sad. If ONLY there were some way he could advocate for more police, better rehabilitative services, etc.

    It’s just TERRIBLE to be a powerless victim of this sort of thing.

  • I am sure we will all be paying to replace these bikes, which will most likely cost more than $300/each!

    cap: “two maximize” …appropriate!

  • I think Mr. Fenty can take solace in the fact that this sort of crimes are less frequent now than a few years ago. Remember the times when you couldn’t walk to Columbia Heights or Chinatown after 6:30pm?

  • Let’s say the bike theives had made it into Fenty’s home and someone in or on Fenty’s property killed or wounded the kids with a gun. I wonder how anti gun Fenty would be then? Here is a guy with around th eclock police protection and his home still gets broken in. Shame on him for not allowing us to protect ourselves as well as he protects himself.

    • John,

      If someone broke into your house to steal your bike, would you shoot and kill him?

      • Thor,
        If somebody broke into my house, and I was there with the means to shoot him or her, I would, with the certain intention of killing that person, if I didn’t have a gun, I’d use a club, or a frying pan, or any other weapon that came to hand. What is the appropriate response when somebody breaks into your home? hide and hope they don’t find you? ask them to leave and hope they don’t attack you? call the police and hope they can have somebody there soon enough to help?

  • I think I know where the ghetto sun will be rising next . .

  • Umm – no!

  • Crestwood may not be the ghetto, but that doesn’t preclude the neighborhood from harboring a certain ghetto element.

  • That was in response to Thor’s ridiculous comment about not being able to walk to CH after 6:30

  • The Mayor needs to make like Vince Gray and get himself a fence.

  • “Brazenly” is such a stupid adverb.

  • I’m actually delighted he got burgled, and to read his garage has been tagged lately. At least he does actually live with the same petty infuriations as most of the rest of us do. As for why he doesn’t do more about it, that’s a mystery. Maybe these thieving boys need to reach their violent phase and step up the pressure a notch, like my neighbor thuglets do. I wonder if the Fenty boys get to play outside? They don’t go to the local school, as we know.

    I think this illustrates the class divide of DC, if you have/make enough money such events are just minor annoyances. For many people such events are simply crushing.

  • looks like a method for Fenty to gain two new bikes. all that security and nothing. it’s clear to me…

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