Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located at 1304 Park Road, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Large English Basement Apartment in an ideal setting. Just one and a half blocks from the Columbia heights Metro. Super Safeway on the corner, with multiple shopping and dining experiences within close walking distance. This apartment has two entrances, parquet hardwood floors, gas fireplace, washer/dryer/ air-conditioning and small shared patio area. Tenant(s) share water bill with household above. Tenant(s) also required to pay gas and electric.”

I’m a huge fan of this location. Do you think $1250 sounds reasonable for this basement apartment?

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  • Super Safeway on the corner? Wha…?

  • Is that what they meant? And is that Giant ‘Super’ in some way?

    All in all, depending on size, that rent doesn’t sound unreasonable given the location and amenities listed. House looks pretty nice, too …

  • For a two bedroom, this might be a reasonable deal. People need to price their basements like they would a nice hole in the ground, because that’s what it is.

  • We get that much for our basement apartment just a few doors away and this place sounds much nicer. We’re fighting people off with a stick whenever we open our apt. up to new tenants. This one likely is underpriced.

    • Just read a little closer — utilities aren’t included, so this may be priced a bit more appropriately than I first thought. We provide everything, including cable/internet, for $1250. Given that this one has a fireplace and good front windows (for a basement), I assume it’s bigger than ours.

  • I’d agree – underpriced to about just right.

  • I think they should have simplified the utilities arrangement.

    • What’s complicated about this utilities arrangement?

      • well the water bill is shared and the tenant is required to pay (fully?) the gas and electric. They could share everything or make the tenant pay each bill. But here they do a mix of both if I read it right.

        • That’s exactly how it is in my English basement. The gas and electric are metered separately from the house’s gas and electric, but the water is not; I get a gas bill from Washington Gas and an electric bill from Pepco. My landlords just pay the full water bill. It’s not complicated at all.

  • Yeah, I’d say this is slightly underpriced. I’m guessing it’ll go quickly.

  • This is an appropriate rental rate for what is provided (a basement, not updated/renovated, in a good location)

  • one block to 11th street party zone (meridian pint,whatWHAT!)

  • Plenty of 1BRs in this town for $1250 with utilities included AND above ground with full-sized windows.

    They’ll probably rent it at this price, but that’s not the same thing as a ‘good deal’.

    • I agree, this is not a fantastic deal, especially without knowing all the details. How many bedrooms? Is flooding an issue?

  • I apologize for hijacking this post, but I would very much like your opinion for my pre decision whether to sell or rent my house and for how much (sell or rent)?
    I have a Row house two blocks north of Park on Newton, east of 14 street. It is a 2 level plus basement beautiful house. Upstairs there are 2 big size bedrooms, a smaller bedroom, and one full bath. On the first floor there is a big Living room with bay windows, gas fireplace and pocket doors leading to a big dining room with bay windows. The kitchen, with modern stainless appliances, opens to the dining room, with an island in the middle. Lower level is 100% finished in-law suite and has a connecting stairs, front and back exits, a bedroom/den, living room area, and a full bath. Hallways and bath area in the basement have tiles. Bed/den and living room areas have stained concrete floors. The space is currently used as a guest bedroom and a sweet home theater.
    The whole house was renovated about 8 years ago with several other updates since then. The house has the usual AC, gas heat, gas cooking, gas hot water heater, and w/d. The first and Second floors have refinished original wood floors except the tiled bathroom. The house has recessed lights and or spot lights in every room except the dining room. The lights are centrally programmable and function with touch dimmer switches. The house comes complete with plantation shutters.
    The house has a private backyard with a wide private covered one car Garage. There is a PoP ‘morning coffee/ mojitos’ worthy deck on top of the garage and similarly it have a mojitos/coffee worth front yard as well. What would you do?

    • $1250. Utilities included.

      Kidding. Pulling this out of the air, I think you could rent it for $2,500/month to two roommates, one takes each bedroom.

    • I agree with $2500 for the main floors of the house, and probably another $1000-1200 for the basement.

      The sell or rent decision is more complicated and depends on whether you’d mind being a landlord, whether you could break even if you sold, etc.

  • Probably not a bad deal if it’s newly renovated, but you could get a similar English basement a few blocks west in a less stabby part of town (Mount Pleasant) for about the same. It won’t be quite as close to the Metro, but I wouldn’t consider a 15-minute walk too bad.

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