Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located at 2535 13th Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Our Spectacular TWO Bedroom, ONE Bathroom Penthouse Condo (Master ~ 15’x13’ w/ 2 closets & Elfa Wall System; Second BR ~ 12’x11’ w/ French doors, closet, and large window) features contemporary architecture set in a classic Federal Style building. This completely updated luxury unit also features a PRIVATE ROOF TERRACE with amazing views from the Washington Monument to the Washington Cathedral, and onward toward Silver Spring. A large PRIVATE GARAGE PARKING is included with plenty of additional storage.”

I was sold on private roof terrace… Does $2695 sound realistic for this 2 bedroom?

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  • Not the greatest location in the world, but I think this is a very nice apartment with a lot of plus factors (garage parking, roof deck) that is realistically priced for what is being offered. It should rent quickly.

  • people who are probably jealous that they cannot afford to live there

    this area on euclid/13th/fairmont/clifton is actually one of the best spots in dc with with one of the best views in the whole area and some of largest and most well kept historic homes

    • +1

      I don’t know a lot about rental prices, but this seems like a great location.

    • Ha!

      I am not the least bit jealous and I most certainly can afford to live there.

      I stand by my statement–the neighborhood is terrible.

      I have a friend who lives in a “well kept historic home” right near there, and I have never felt so unsafe anywhere else in DC as I do in that neighborhood.

      I am quite sure that the sucker who signs up for that place at $2695 a month is going to regret it once he gets mugged on his walk back from the metro.

      • I’m going to ask you to grow a set, because I live around the corner and it’s really not that bad and there’s no way you’re going to prove to us that you can afford to live there anyway.

        Peace out.

  • The place looks really nice – and I don’t know if you can really classify it as a “great” neighborhood or a “terrible” one. It’s complicated. Tremendous view, some neat houses and apartments, convenient enough. But there are certainly issues – like the fact that it’s just a half block from a DC public high school. And let’s be honest, some people would be wary of that. Sure, the area has changed quite a bit, but as we saw with last weekend’s spate of violent crime in the city, there are always things to worry about.

    • +1, Kev29 has described this area perfectly. I live a block from here. The streets are really beautiful, most of the people are nice, location is fantastic in terms of metro, buses, night-life. That price is about right for the neighborhood. But, there is a lot of sketchiness that makes me feel not safe – mostly young punks who suck and random racial tension…which is pretty much like most anywhere else in DC.

      • I lived on the street a few years ago and completely agree with the above commenter. The apartment is priced right, and anyone who things 13th and Euclid is the most unsafe block of DC clearly needs to get out more.

  • “never felt so unsafe anywhere else in DC” !?

    verbotten clearly lives a sheltered existence

  • i live on the 2500 block of 13th street nw and have never felt unsafe during my two years here. let’s not call diverse neighborhoods unsafe, verbotten. it’s a city… muggings happen everywhere.

  • It’s funny, that neighborhood is almost evenly divided between yuppies and thugs. I’ve lived in the area since 1995 and it’s much better but 14 and 15th along Euclid are still much worse.

  • My wife and I looked here and opted not to look at more properties in the area. Whether it was sketchy or not, it felt sketchy.

    On the other hand, their were some beautiful homes there.

  • I think that the price on its face is a bit high, but it includes parking AND utilities (well at least gas & water). I wonder how big the living space is though – from the pictures it looks pretty small. Parking in that neighborhood runs about $125/month, but I would still say that it’s a bit on the high side.

    As for the neighborhood, I’ve lived on Euclid b/w 13th and 14th for a little over a year, and I think that it’s a great neighborhood. You are close to numerous public transportation options, you can walk to 3 grocery stores, street parking is manageable, and the views can’t be beat. As for safety, you live in a city and that requires everyone to take extra precautions. I don’t feel any more unsafe in the neighborhood than I did when I lived in any other neighborhood in DC.

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