Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 815 Maryland Ave. NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Immediate Occupancy at The Marday, located in a quiet residential neighborhood of Capitol Hill 815 Maryland Ave. NE. 1 bedroom with an open kitchen to the living room. Wall to wall carpeting throughout, kitchen and bath tiled. Good closet space and common roof deck. This building was recently renovated. At the Marday you’ll enjoy modern, open floor plans & construction along with the conveniences of living on Capitol Hill. Both Stanton Square and Lincoln park are nearby. These public facilities provide terrific space for jogging and other outdoor activities.
6 Blocks to Union Station Metro.
7 Blocks to Eastern Market Metro.”

I’m digging the location of this one but not so much the actual photos of the apartment. Do you think $1205 sounds reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • Those picks don’t really promote much interest. The place looks a tad bit dirty.

  • No way. The apartment complexes across the street have some questionable activities and MD Ave is anything but quiet.

    If you had a dog, it would be great access to Stanton Park, but I’m not sure about having a dog in a carpeted complex.

    My bias: I’m not a big fan of older apartment complexes.

  • I saw some units there that were GREAT, only drawback were the kitchens (small). I believe that unit you are looking at is a ” basement” unit and the pics do not look good. Capitol hill itself is a great area, the only thing that makes that block semi unattractive is how close it is to two safe houses. On the flip side you have a 711 on that corner and there are cops there ALL THE TIME.

    Do not work with the leasing agent posted on the ad, try calling the company and get someone else. He is known to leave people waiting for him!

  • 1200 is cheap for a one bedroom on the Hill, so someone will pay it. Most folks would probably pay a couple hundred more for a spot in better shape though, but different people have different budgets. I’d have gone for this when I was 24 and making $30k/yr.

  • What’s a “safe house” or “safe place”?

  • Perhaps the dreariest apt. ever shown by PoP. Basement, dirty carpet, institutional looking, stained bathroom…I used to live close by and it is loud traffic on that block with House of R and stone-throwing kiddies in the little park across the street. I paid lots less for my dreary basement apt. 2 blocks closer to the Capitol.

  • Like, 1-800 House of Ruth; Domestic abuse safe house.

    I’ve never seen or heard anything bad happening at the safe house in question. They seem to be pretty good neighbors and they maintain the property.

    • Ive never heard of any problems there either.

      I work with someone that used to live in that building and was freaked out by how close those places were. I only mentioned it in interest of full disclosure, some people will see that as a deal breaker others won’t.

  • Wow. That area has always seemed really nice to me whenever I’ve been there…maybe I’m just blind.

  • I live two blocks away. That area is perfectly fine. As a previous commenter said, cops are at the 7-11 on the corner all the time.

  • Pretty depressing…dirty carpet, no effort made to even clean the bathroom…dark lobby. Keep looking; save your sanity!

  • Can’t comment about the apt building but the neighborhood is great. We’ve never had any problems.

    Minus: I donn’t know about the safe houses, but there is a house next to Kenny’s that looks like a home for mentally ill women. Occasionally they’ll sit on the porch steps and rant. The woman who did that most frequently is gone.

    Positives about it, besides Stanton and Lincoln parks: near cool H St NE redevelopment and all the new fun bars.

    PS I’ve never seen kids throwing stones from that little triangle park. and I can see it from my front yard. The neighbors nearby would have made sure the city squelched that real quick.

    • I saw more kids throwing stones in the three months I lived in Columbia Heights than in the three years I’ve lived a block from this place.

  • I called there a couple times in the past inquiring about apartments for rent. I always got the voicemail and I never got a call back. I guess they didn’t want my $1200 a month.

  • Gross! Haven’t they heard of a caulk gun?

  • The location is great (and the price is great for the location), the apartment itself needs some serious work.

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