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  • Anyone know if white guys are welcome to turn up at The House or Macombo Lounge?

    • hahaha. seriously.

      • The answer is that of course you’re welcome but you may or may not be the only white guy in there depending on what time and day of the week you go. I have heard of white guy bachelor parties and stuff there so I don’t think you’ll feel totally out of place.

        Besides, love of nakedness transcends all boundaries.

  • what will I do Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays?

    • +1 for Andy.

      Have any POP readers ever BEEN inside The House (who will admit to it, at least)? Curious to hear if it is as sketchy as its reputation … POP, you may just have to give us an insider preview of the renovations, as you’ve done for other neighborhood businesses. It’s a tough job, but …

      • Sure, I’ve been there, multiple times. in fact it was the first strip club I ever went to in DC. It’s pretty run of the mill, not fancy but not sketchy either. little rough around the edges but looks just like what you would expect a strip club to look like. Mostly black patrons, but there were always a couple white guys there. Most of the girls are above average, with a few glaring exceptions (ie. tuesday night). Saw a coworker from my office dancing there on stage once. Incredibly awkward moment for both of us. That was the last time I went there.

  • Are Mondays typically a high-volume day?

  • Oh yeah The House is great. The first time I heard TI’s “Whatever you like” was in The House, and by gum if it wasn’t just like one of those rap music videos!

  • I wonder what kind of renovation you can do on a part-time basis such as this?

  • i think they’re just washing the dancers blankets.

  • The day “The House” closes will be a great day for Georgia Ave!

    You say, “just another NIMBYist,” and I say “that I am.”

    The House had its time; and now it’s time to go!

    • I believe you meant NAMBLAist.

    • Close it down… its day has long come and gone.

      If gay strip clubs are regulated to the outskirts so should str8 clubs be.

      • Won’t close. Ever. No more licenses for strip clubs will ever be issued, and there are no longer any areas in the District far enough away from residential buildings to allow for the relocation of an existing club…so the grandfathered clubs have to stay where they are, but, because there is a permanently limited supply, they are FAR too valuable to ever close (last I heard, the licenses ran about $1 million).

        So get used to it, NIMBYs, or go get a new backyard somewhere else.

        • Don’t hold your breath ED. There is a season for everything…

          If the transformation continues, like the passing of Spring, so will go the strip club. As the residents continue to change so will the businesses.

          It doesn’t belong on prominent street like Georgia Avenue.

          Talk about the old days…

  • guarantee they don’t do squat to the outside of the place.

  • I remember when “The House” was the “The Penthouse” and many many great memories…. Does anyone remember “Foxys Playground” on GA. and Upshur streets?

  • So how are the strippers there? Hey PoP it’s your duty to investigate these places. Maybe once a week we can have a feature called “Best place for a mojito or a lap dance.”

  • I’ve lived basically next to house for 2 1/2 years and besides a massive lack of parking on Fri/Sat nights, the place isn’t causing any harm.

    And yes, as a young white guy whose stumbled in there quite a few times, everyone is welcomed at THE House (albeit with a pretty intense pat down).

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