Target in DCUSA to Expand Grocery Section in July

Thanks to a reader for sending this info from CM Jim Graham:

“Dear Friends, Here is the Target hiring announcement for those seeking employment. We have also been informed that Target will open some 100 positions in the near future. Target is opening a full grocery store in July and extra staff is required.”

I wonder what they’ll add?

I’m still waiting for the mariachi band to return:

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  • Yes. The mariachi band should be a permanent fixture.

    And where exactly are they going to expand to? Are they just taking over existing space in the store with grocery items?

  • The Target on Rte. 1 expanded to include a grocery section. From what I can recall, they added fridge cases with fresh veggies and produce. This would be awesome because sometimes I literally only need bananas or some other single, fresh item in addition to all the odds and ends from Target and hate going to the Giant for that one thing. This will certainly be great for business and maybe help clear other single items buyers outta the Giant so the lines won’t be so awful.

  • The good thing about Target is you can get in and out quickly due to their express checkout.
    On the other hand the Giant across the street is not a very pleasant experience at the checkout.

    • This is the number one reason why I don’t do my grocery shopping there, and it’s a shame, because the store really is well stocked, and it’s closest to my apartment.

  • I will not be buying food at target…

  • Target has surprisingly good groceries.

    Some fresh fruits and veggies would be a great addition, for the times I find myself needing some groceries after the gym.

  • I know Jim Graham’s post said July, but Housing Complex says it’s in October.

    Considering it’s a real renovation and expansion of the store, and July starts tomorrow, I think October is more likely.

  • I like how Housing Complex posits that this may be due to the incoming Ellwoods. As if the people that have been anxiously awaiting Ellwoods for all this time will suddenly be buying their produce at Target? HA. Also of interest is that Targets “organic” food brand was recently sued for… Not being organic.
    Whats that say about their non-organic food? One shudders to think.

    • That buying organic is a huge waste of money. Sorry, I’d rather wash pesticide off my fruit than worms

      • really?? So If you picked a tomato from your garden and I sprayed it with bathroom cleaner. You’d just give it a quick rinse and bite right in? Takes all kinds I guess. I’m keepin it organic.

    • For something to be labeled “organic” it needs to be at least 95% organic the rest 5% can be synthetic. So the “organic” food at Whole Foods is not really organic.

  • Look at it this way- more options for food is better.

    If you don’t like stuff that isn’t organic, shop at Whole Foods, Ellwoods, etc.
    Those who don’t care, or can’t afford the organic lifestyle can shop at other places.

    I’m happy that the organic crowd is getting more options- it speaks to the demand. I also think that there won’t be any drying up of demand for affordable food.

    Who knows?–more choices just might result in smaller crowds at supermarkets!

    God Bless Capitalism

    • fuck capitalism. causes more death and poverty and suffering than any other force in the history of humanity. but hey, you get grocery store choices, whoop-de-do.

  • Great news about the Target and I will use it more. Also great news is that CVS is finishing up on the expansion of their food market. Not the same as the Target or Giant but another speedy option. Wouldn’t a bookstore be great though?

  • goaldigger

    Maybe all these other grocery options will get the Giant to get their act together. I don’t shop there regularly as I live over in AM behind Safeway (too far to haul much) but it’s such a nice big store.

  • I’m curious, as well. I’ve gotten Target groceries before and they’ve always been good.

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