Sweet Mural Painted over at 2608 Georgia Ave, NW

I don’t know how the artist, in this case, Aniekan, doesn’t weep when this happens. Here’s what it looked like in Feb. ’10:

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  • no comment, i had to write the captcha: mr deadhead.

  • oh no!
    sad, but from the looks of it, it was to repair the wall.

  • The answers to who?, what?, when?, where? are all succinctly explained in the post (and the answer to how? is obvious). When it comes to posts like these, it’d be nice to occasionally know the answer to why? so we aren’t always left guessing. That said, my guess is that there was a sale on “fugly gray” paint at The Home Despot.

  • @2b3s,

    I guess the owner didn’t like it, and has every right to paint over it.

  • sad, it was beautiful. I wonder under what circumstances (vis a vis permission, ownership)was it painted.

  • people! look at the wall. it was crumbling away. the wall needed to be fixed.

    you want your painting to last? pick your substrate carefully.

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