Something’s Finally Coming…

Wow, I can’t believe there is finally movement at the old flower shop on Wisconsin Ave, NW just south of Macomb. It’s been vacant for years. Anyone hear what might be going in there?

While not everyone is looking forward to a drycleaners at the corner of 1st and Seaton Streets, NW in Bloomingdale, you have to admit the building is looking great, right? You can see what the building looked like in the beginning of Dec. ’09 here.

And, sadly, I still don’t have much hope that Baraki at nearby 1st and T Streets, NW will open their doors anytime soon…

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  • ah

    Was that flower store actually vacant? I thought they just didn’t leave the flowers out at night–it was like a vegetable stand except in a building.

  • flower place has been vacant for some time. I hope something good goes in there. I have friends near by and there isnt a whole lot going on in that hood. Also I went to alliance tavern and it was…. not good. BRING BACK THE ZEBRA ROOM!

  • I can’t wait for the dry cleaners to open up at 1st and Seaton. I’m not even close to kidding, I will go there all the time.

    • I am torn on this, I do like the other cleaners’ but on the other hand they have lost my clothes twice (but found them once and credited me the other). I have to say the renovation on the 1st and Seaton place is looking INCREDIBLE especially given what it is replacing.

      • I have to agree, it’s going to be the best looking dry cleaners in DC. Hopefully that level of attention to the building shows how they will run their business.

  • there actually were workers at Baraki a few weeks ago. and I saw some new furniture last I passed by. word is they finally secured the loan that was stopping them up, but obviously it’s still months away from completion in the unlikely event everything goes perfectly from now on.

    • I saw workers there two or three weekends ago as well

      • oh please say something will happen there!
        did this place ever get its liquor license worked out? i remember on the bloomingdale (for now) site, they posted the voluntary agreement a long time ago. does anyone know the details?

  • I hope it’s the Methadone clinic that the neighborhood desperately needs.

  • The place on Wisconsin has a “Up for Lease” sign on it, so it’s probably not rented out yet. And yes, Alliance Tavern is not good.

  • The flower shop hasn’t been vacant that long has it? Like a little over a year?

    Always wanted to try the Zebra,but never got around to it. Anyone try the wine bar that was there(can’t remember the weird name)? It struck me as too pretentious.

  • they really missed an opportunity by not adding a couple floors of residential above the building at 1st and seaton.

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