Soccer in Dupont Circle

I stopped by Dupont Circle between games on Saturday and the atmosphere was electric! Nestor of Ojo Latino mentions that a couple got engaged after one of the games! I have huge respect for those who were able to organize this. When I stopped by there fans for many different teams. I was happy to see so many USA fans. Though there was a pretty good contingent of English supporters as well.

Where’d you guys end up watching?

In between games, lots of folks were kicking the ball around.

Though some were not phased by the soccer insanity around them:

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  • Ah ah… you were there pretty early. It looked very different a few hours later!

  • Yeah I’ll say it was electric. Electric in a drunken free-for-all kind of way. Did anyone else spot the 500-pound kid in a Brazil jersey projectile vomiting directly into the fountain? I wouldn’t let the kids splash around in there anytime soon, if I were you!

  • I watched at the house with the little one! Me in US jersey (shouting at the TV), little one in SA world cup shirt, excited but oblivious…wife in another room, working on curtains.

  • Good times at Dupont, but there were no built in taps, at all! WHEN IS MERIDIAN PINT GOING TO OPEN?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Unfortunately latest word is that they are still waiting on a fire dept permit. It looks like they’ll be opening a bit later than June 17th.

    • I took the ol’ wife and kids to Red Rocks on Sunday and stopped Dan on the sidewalk on our way out, and it doesn’t look promising. You can thank the city and their stupid bureaucratic sh*t for the delays.

  • Has anyplace that still is waiting on permits EVER opened when expected in the history of D.C.??? It’s amazing how many new businesses open up considering how difficult it is to be a new small business owner in this city … kudos to those who fight through the bureaucractic morass!

  • The chess players were phased in the first quarter of their game, but by the time it waned into a crescent, they weren’t fazed by the hubbub.

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